Wet or dry

July has been pretty typical lately for East TN with a mixed bag of weather ranging from mid 90’s and sunny to torrential downpours. That’s normal though for this area and we’re just used to it I guess; you have to be or else you’d be waiting for a long time for perfect conditions. Sometimes these sudden changes in weather can affect the fishing but usually not for long, then they’re back on the prowl.

The topwater bite has been strong some days but not every day, which has us fishing subsurface flies part of the time. I, as well as most people, love a good topwater bite but more importantly like catching fish. After getting the hang of fishing subsurface flies most folks seem to enjoy it, it can also produce some nice fish. Don’t get me wrong though I’m always looking for fish to take flies off the top.

DSCN1769  DSCN1777

Butch found that one he was looking for and Ricky wasn’t far behind.

DSCN1758  DSCN1793

Dan with a doozy.                                                 Doug’s first day fly fishing,

DSCN1809  DSCN1785

Mark’s hooked on brown fish                           Joel loves his topwater

We’re closing out July with some nice weather and looking forward to August which can be a great time to be out fishing. Hopefully the flows will be a little more stable along with some cooperating weather. Either way we’ll be out there looking to catch some fish and having a good time. If your in the Smoky Mountain area or the Knoxville area and would like to get out on the water, give us a call and we’ll arrange a trip for you. Take care and have a great day.

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The heat is on

With the arrival of May comes warm weather, low flows and plenty of hungry fish. We’ve been experiencing days in the mid 80’s with mostly sunny skies which has been nice for a change. This sudden swing in weather and ideal water levels mixed with thick hatches have turned up the fishing to 11. This is the time we’ve been waiting for.

TVA has kept the generators turned off for some time now and this has warmed up the rivers quite a bit, especially the smallmouth waters. The recent spike in water temps has the fish on the prowl and looking to bulk up. Some of the fish have finished their spawn and others are just now getting on the beds but we expect them to be done in the next couple of weeks. The post spawned fish are aggressive and with the lack of food they are looking to make up for lost protein.


Gary with a citation and his biggest of the year, but there’s still a lot of the year left.

On certain occasions we’ve actually seen a decent topwater bite which we have taken advantage of but streamers and crawdad patterns have definitely gotten more love most days. The water right now is gin clear which is perfect for sight fishing especially for those loners sitting in the shallows. If May is this good then June and July should be fantastic.

The trout sections of the Holston River in Knoxville, TN have also been on fire with the annual caddis hatch under way. Tan and olive caddis in #16’s are hovering around and have the fish jumping for joy…literally. The late coming of the hatch means good numbers of bugs on the water but that could result in an abrupt ending so don’t hesitate if you’ve been thinking about getting in on the action.

DSCN1549 DSCN1553

Dave and Doug with a couple of slabs.

Things have been busy lately with the nice weather and great fishing and there’s no place we’d rather be right now then on the river while the fish are biting. If you’re thinking of coming to East TN or the Great Smoky Mountains National Park then GIVE US A CALL so we can get you in on a relaxing day on the river. You can also check out our FACEBOOK page for short updates and photos from recent trips. Thanks for dropping in and reading the report, take care and have a great day.

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Keeping the boat wet

Well so much for our mild summer as it’s been in the 90’s and humid as all get out which is pretty dang normal for August/September in East TN. I guess we had a good run for a while and we can’t complain about that. The weather channel predicts that the 5 day forecast looks good with most days in the mid 80’s but again a 5 day forecast is about useless around here. The occasional afternoon shower can still pop up but only to cool things off a bit and keep the water levels consistent.


Bryan enjoying the best seat in the house right before getting dumped on.

I got to fish with Bryan and Manny last year for the first time and they both work hard at their jobs with very little time to fish. They decided they were ready for round 2 so we hit the water. The fish were a little finicky at first but after a couple of tweaks with flies and techniques the rods stayed bent. Sometimes the fish aren’t always following the manual and you gotta switch things up a bit.

DSCN1185  DSCN1187

These guys are as easy going as can be and will pound the banks until the take out, rain or shine.

For those wondering how the heat affects the fishing, don’t worry it won’t be affected very much at all. If you want to get some topwater action though than you better be on the water early when the fish are more active. The smallies have been giving the baitfish a run for their money making subsurface flies a better choice especially in the afternoon when they aren’t looking up.

Steve and his buddy Jimbo had never targeted smallmouth on the fly and wanted to try their hand at it. We caught several fish on topwater in the morning but it was mostly streamers for the majority of the day which Steve and Jimbo didn’t seem to mind throwing. When I get asked what I like to fish with the most I reply, whatever catches fish. I love a good topwater bite but the fish are the boss and we’re on their schedule.

DSCN1211  DSCN1214


Steve and Jimbo didn’t care what they caught em on.

We’ve still got a good chunk of the season ahead of us and Lord willing we’ll have good flows for a while. Although looking at todays schedule was a let down since everything was blown out and can be for a little while, but there’s almost always somewhere to fish. CONTACT us if you would like to get out and fish or else we’ll have to go ourselves, spending less time with our wives and more time in the dog house. Also check out our FACEBOOK page for quick updates about fishing conditions. Take care and have a blessed day.


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