A way overdue fishing report

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of new info on the website. This past season was our busiest ever and we were on the water pretty much every day. Now I know that it’s not much of an excuse, but on top of being on the water every day we moved to a different home (still in Maryville),  had to get the other one ready to sell and had family member health issues. We also have a 3 year old and another one on the way which takes up all free time left over. Although there was still time to hit up Disney world for Danielle’s first time as well as mine.


They sure do get sassy quick.


Now that we have some free time and we’re settled in somewhat I figured that I would take the time to get a fishing report up and let everyone know we are still here and doing great. For those that we fished with this past season, first we want to thank you all for fishing with us and all the support, second we are going to follow up with reports and pictures from the past season to show off all the fun memories and fish. For now I’m going to fill everyone in on what we’ve been working on and the things to come.

We haven’t had much of a winter this year and spring has come early. I got a chance to slip into the park for a couple hours and see what was going on the other day. Water temps are nice (45-50+) on the Little River with great flows and clarity. I did see quite a few brown stones on the banks and in the air along with a few blue quills which was a sight for sore eyes. Not many fish rising but enough to make me try a dry. Caught a few on dries but most fish were taken on nymphs. Fish were healthy and very feisty to say the least.

We have spent the majority of our winter on the Clinch with consistent results during low and high water. The Clinch is in good shape and the fish are a sure sign of it. Nymphs have been the main focus of our time on the water, some fish deep other times just below the surface and everything in between. Conditions are different everyday which has us being flexible with fly selections and depths, techniques, etc.


Glenn was on fire all day even with around 9,000 cfs


Lou kept the rod bent but had to pull into the trees to get a picture of this fish.


Bryan is all about streamers and you can see why, great fish. Also, go check out his pizza joint Uncle Maddio’s off of North Shore in Knoxville.

When the season ends and the weather sets in and tourism is down we do like to play. That means fishing for ourselves, hunting and getting plenty of family time. It also means finding new things to do and new places to go for the upcoming season which we spent time doing the past few months. We have another smallmouth float that we can offer this year (depending on flows) and a few new flies.


Danielle loves her some goose meat.

Last but not least we just received our new raft the other day from the fine folks at rockymountainrafts.com and we have been doing some modifications to the frame for more stability and comfortablity which equals more fun. We’re excited to see what this season has to offer and the new folks we’ll meet and of course our old favorites, you know who you are.


Can’t wait to put some brown fish slime on it.

There will be more recent fishing reports with current info and news on anything happening around us for sure this year. Thanks for reading our report and give us a call to fill all of your fishing needs. Have a great day.

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