East Tennessee fly fishing report……for all things that swim.

  1. Needless to say it’s been a while since  we’ve posted a fishing report but we’re going to try and stay on top of it this year, so stayed tuned in. First off, we would like to introduce our newest guide, Gary Troutman, to the team. We added Gary last fall and are excited to have him on the team. This allows us to do more multiple boat floats and wade trips with larger groups.

We are also happy to say that we are now an Orvis endorsed guide service. This happened last summer and are honored to be involved with such a great company. You won’t find gear with more fly fishermen-minded development into their products than Orvis. Not to mention the customer service is top notch. Go check them out at Orvis.com


The Smokies stream’s have been fishing very well with plenty of bugs (Quill Gordon’s, Blue Quills and Brown Stoneflies) hatching. Fish tend to be focused more on nymphs until around lunchtime at which point the hatches start up and fish get close to the surface to feed on them. Here are some photos of some recent trips from up in the park.



The Tailwaters have been running high most of winter and spring due to all of the rain we’ve been getting but we have so many options in our area that we have still been able to get out just about everyday. As for the fishing, with the water being high or low the fish have been eating well and the fishing couldn’t have been better. We’ve fished 400 cfs all the way to 9,000 and though techniques will change with the flow, it has been a good spring and will only continue to get better. Here are photos from recent float trips.



Smallmouth fishing has always been associated with warmer months but here in East Tennessee our rivers warm up a lot quicker than other places. Though cold fronts and heavy rain have played havoc on the river conditions, fishing has been good and we expect to have yet another great year ahead. We have some new stuff going on for 2018 and we will also be able to offer more trips and options as of this summer. We’re excited to announce these options in our future fishing reports.  Here are photos from some recent trips.


Thanks for reading with us and check us out on Facebook and Instagram for more pictures and updates into what going on around us. If you are interested in a trip or have any questions please contact us through our CONTACT US info. Thanks for reading and have a very blessed day.



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Her first smallie trip

Joan is from Ohio and Pennsylvania and now will be living in East TN. She is a good trout fisherman, but has never tried fly fishing for smallmouth and wanted to learn, so that’s exactly what we did. It was also her birthday present to herself. Now this time of year the smallmouth act a lot like trout sitting in slow riffles and sipping poppers out of the bubble lines, so Joan was used to that aspect of it. It took some getting used to throwing the heavier gear, but it paid off when she stuck her first fish. Unfortunately the fish jumped and we lost it, but not a minute later she caught this guy.

The water is a little low in the park and in the Little River so using the popper aggressively won’t do very well. Instead, make it plop on the water and just give it subtle twitches every once and a while. Also don’t let a smallmouth fool you, just when you think you need to make another cast just wait and let the fly drift through the entire run. If one does come to it and sits underneath, give it a twitch. This is what has been working the best for us.


I had to get a shot of Joan fishing in the riffles to show how beautiful the Smokies are. We messed with one about 16 or 17 inches for about 5 minutes, but he would just stare at it and bump it. Which brings me to say that a good fisherman always know when to move on. Be safe while fishing and bring lots of water and maybe a snack and watch out for snakes. If you see Joan on the stream stop and say hi, she is a pretty cool lady.












































































































































































































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