Happy delayed Easter fishing report.

Here we are on Easter Sunday already, how the fishing season is flying by. We’ve been busy fishing up in the Smokies, on the Clinch and Holston Rivers and chasing those river smallies all over. The good news is that the fishing is great everywhere and there are some very healthy fish roaming around. The cherry on top is that the weather is fantastic with temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s with low chances of precipitation. How could it get any better.

Smallmouth have been eating well over the last month or so bulking up on calories in preparation for the spawn and now the time has come for them to shine. These boys…..and girls look like fat footballs with linebacker shoulders and a bad attitude looking to hurt anything that comes by. We have been fishing a variety of streamers and crawdad patterns for the most part with the occasional popper when the moods strikes us but they aren’t very picky. TVA has also been giving us great schedules to work around on the tailwaters with minimum flows making it easy to plan trips. Along with the tailwaters we have the option to float the lowland freestone rivers as well which have also been fishing well. Some smallmouth are on the beds right now and others are not far behind so we’re covering a lot of water trying to target fish that aren’t on beds so we don’t bother their routine.


The tailwaters are fishing very well right now for trout as they should with good flows and plenty of bugs moving about. The Sulfurs on the clinch have been sparse but they will come off in numbers soon enough, until then midges and caddis are the main course . Midges and small nymphs have been producing well (surprise, surprise) on long leaders and long casts with a good drift. We’ve been seeing great caddis hatches just about every time we’ve been on the Holston and fish are getting heavy as a result. There are short windows of dry fly fishing during the day with explosive strikes on dries and plenty of action on nymphs when the hatches die off. The low flows and stable weather have been great for the upper Holston.





The fish in the Smokies are looking up as you would imagine they would in April with lots of bugs flying around all day. There are huge March browns, brown stoneflies, yellow sallies and even some early sulfurs and don’t forget about all the fun you can have fishing terrestrials. Water levels are perfect with some Spring showers here and there to keep the water where it needs to be so if you like fishing the mountains, now is the time to be there with your favorite rod and plenty of dries. If you don’t have your own gear than give us a call and we can supply you with everything.


We’ve been busy in March and April and that’s how we like it. There aren’t any days left in April and May only has a few days left open, but we do have a handful of professional guides that work with us that may be able to help out if needed. June, July and August are filling up for peak smallmouth season so if you interested in fishing with us then give us a shout and let us show you a good time on the water, especially if you want to chase one of the best fish in freshwater.

Fishing hasn’t been the only thing keeping us busy however. We have a new addition to our Family and his name is Luke. The Lord has blessed us so much and we’re very happy to be able to share it with everyone. Thank you for reading the fishing report and stay connected for more recent fishing reports. Have a blessed day.


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The bronze is back.

April has been a mixed bag of weather and river conditions but the tailwaters and the Smokies have been pretty reliable for the most part. There are plenty of hatches happening on the streams of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park keeping the fish near the surface and the caddis hatch on the Holston has just now started showing itself, along with plenty of midges. The only thing that puts a wrench in the situation has been the rain. We’ve had our fair share of it, but thank goodness that not all of the streams and rivers have been blown out. There seems to always be somewhere to fish.

DSCN1497  DSCN1574

Can’t beat a good dry fly bite.

So what can make things even better (other than less rain) how about the smallmouth bite picking up, CHA-CHING!!!. For all you smallie junkies out there the early spike in water temps has gotten those brown fish on the move. They’ve started their pre spawn habits moving into more shallow water and bulking up on protein before getting on the beds. Some of the males are showing signs of spawning activity already with beat up tails and plenty of scares,  just not in big numbers. Things seem to be happening a little later than usual, which I’m sure is due to the sudden changes in weather and water levels but once the weather settles things should get back on track.

DSCN1526  DSCN1535

Joe wasn’t about to let the rain stop him. Fish gotta eat.

We’ve seen the occasional fish come up and grab a popper, but the majority of fish are staying below and looking for bigger meals for less work. Crawdads and baitfish are getting more attention, but we’ve kept multiple colors and sizes of each ready, depending on what the day gives us. Some days we find ourselves fishing something completely different than we did the previous couple of days but that’s mainly due to the drastic changes in conditions. It isn’t always easy to find the right combo of flies and techniques, but patience and confidence can pay off.


Jim got fish of the day with this brute.

We’re just on the front end of our smallmouth season and things will only get better from here. Spring can be a great time to catch some of the best fish of the year and get in on some great hatches. May is looking like it’s going to be good with warm temps and with us getting high water early it looks like we’ll have a great spawn as well. If you would like to enjoy a day out on the water then GIVE US A CALL, we’d be glad to have you. You can also get quick day to day conditions, tips and updates on our FACEBOOK page. Things have been busy lately, but in a good way and we’re looking forward to seeing what the future has to offer. Take care and we look forward to seeing you on the water.

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My father-in-law’s first float

So my in-laws came into town this weekend for some long over due family time and it was great. My father-in-law Steve is always on the go and loves to fish, but never has the time to. So we decided to go float for some smallies. Steve is from Idaho and has never been in a drift boat and we laughed because he had to come all the way to Tennessee to do it. Now this is his 3rd time fly fishing ever, so after knocking the rust off the rod we were in motion. It was a big transition for Steve, because I have only taken him trout fishing, so the flies and rods we used were all bigger and had to be fished differently. He caught on pretty quick.


Throughout the day the fishing got better and the fish got bigger, not to mention that it was all on topwater. Poppers and terrestrials are still our go to flies.



Now Steve went through some rough shoulder surgery last year and these fish fight really hard. After a few hours of catching these bruisers, he had to take a break, but not for to long.


After a long day on the water and in the sun we landed 2 more nice fish and called it a day. The float was a lot of fun and I’m glad that I got to spend it with family. Looking forward to doing it again.






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