A little taste of the good stuff

After several months of hot, I mean hot weather here in East Tennessee we have finally gotten a break from the heat. Though it’s wet and cool it feels good and we’ll take all we can get because the fish are loving it. The future forecast predicts that we have some rain coming again in the next couple of days but it looks like fall is here to stay. We’ve been slacking on our fishing reports, but we’ve been blessed with a busy season and just haven’t had much time to keep up with them, so we figure we’d role them all into one big report.

The smallmouth fishing has been great and the fish are showing their typical fall behavior. The fish are bulking up and trying to put on weight for the upcoming cold weather, but then again when is a smallmouth not trying to eat as much as possible. A plethora of flies are working but we’ve had to switch things around from time to time to hit the right note. Subsurface flies will almost always produce but there have been days when fishing poppers has been flat out great.

DSCN1916  DSCN1939

DSCN1949  DSCN1952

DSCN1931  DSCN1953

DSCN1956  DSCN1961

DSCN1963  DSCN1973

DSCN2019  DSCN2026

DSCN2027  DSCN2031

Rain or shine these folks came to play.

Fishing has been good for trout on the tailwaters. The Clinch has been fishing pretty good, given the right generation schedules, and the trout are healthy and just as excited about fall as we are. Small flies and fine tippet are the name of the game until the water comes on when streamer fishing can produce some hangry fish. If you’re willing to work around finicky conditions then it could work in your favor for some exceptional fishing.

DSCN1988  DSCN2012

DSCN2014  DSCN2018

The rivers are almost as colored up as the rainbows.

The Smokies are fishing well with the coming of cool weather which has helped with the water temps, especially since the water has been really low. There have been quite a few slate drakes flying around and parachute adams will get to rise. There have also been some early October caddis here and there but not enough to get fish excited about them. Stimulators will imitate a lot of different bugs and the october caddis is right there with them. It’s also a great dry for your dropper.

DSCN1976  DSCN1978


The Smokies Grand Slam.

Needless to say we’re fired up for fall and hoping for a long drawn out one at that. With bugs hatching, fish rising and leaves changing does it get any better? If your looking for a great spot for your fall vacation then look no further than the Smoky Mountain National Park. While you’re in town give us a call and let us show you a day on the water so you can see some of the fine qualities of our great state. Take care and have a great day.

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Falling into place

We’re finally seeing some nice weather around the Smoky Mountains as of the last few days. The dry fly fishing has been pretty good as a result with consistent action during the last week. This is due to the streams in the Smokies staying near or actually dipping into 50 degrees during the afternoons. With the future weather forecast looking good for the next 10 days you can hope to see similar if not better conditions.

DSCN0874  DSCN0876

Bobby and Hank enjoying a rainy day on the water.

With the low flows on the tailwaters, they’re in pretty similar shape with plenty of fish feeding on the plethora of bugs in/on the water. Black flies, midges and few caddis larvae have been the most common bug life on the Holston with just a few sitings of caddis here and there. Nymph fishing has brought most fish to the boat, but there have been several occasions to throw dries to rising fish. Some days the black flies and midges are so thick they’re almost a curse putting too much food on the surface.

DSCN0882  DSCN0892

Bob and Gail Dosser came into town for a little down time on the river.

As the weather continues to get better so should the hatches and fishing. We’ve been looking forward to the arrival of the caddis hatch and it shouldn’t be too much longer before they start showing up. At least we’re not experiencing anymore freezing temps and snow, that’s the most important thing.

We’ve been getting the itch to start chasing smallies again and we just couldn’t wait any longer. Jules and I floated the Little River for a few hours on Sunday to see how the fish would be acting and got to scratch that itch. The fish weren’t real aggressive but we did manage to find some and have a pretty good afternoon.



Reunited and it feels so good.

As of right now you can’t beat the conditions in our area, but who knows how long that will last. So enjoy it while you can and get out and fish. If you would like to get out on the Smokies streams and/or tailwaters in the near future GIVE US A CALL and we would be glad to do so. Take care and be safe on the water.

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“Spring Break”

March can be a tricky month in East TN when it comes to the weather and water levels. In the past couple of weeks we’ve had great weather and the streams in the Smokies have even been a little low, but we’ll take it over high water any day. A cold front came through on Wednesday and made the fishing a little slow the following 2 days but didn’t stop the bugs from hatching. In fact we had some pretty good action during a quill gordon hatch the day after the front.



Sherri enjoying the action on top.

The weather was back to normal this past weekend with warm weather and the sun spiking the water temperature back up to 50 degrees. This has the fish happy and looking to stock up on food eating nymphs and dries throughout the day. We’re expecting the fishing to only get better and better with the consistently warm weather with next weeks forecast.

DSCN0810  DSCN0811

David Cummings with a nice wild brown that took the dropper.

The mornings are cooler and there’s not been too much action on the surface to start out with. We’ve been running a  nymph on the back of the dry, keeping the rod bent until the fish decide to look up for the adults. Pheasant tails, hares ears and prince nymphs from a size #16-#12 are all good choices to go with. Fishing a dry/dropper rig isn’t the easiest thing to do but it lets you know when the fish switch from the bottom to the top.

DSCN0833  DSCN0834

Henry’s first fish on a fly and from the Smokies. Can’t beat a double, especially in the Smokies.

There’s also good news with the tail waters, they’re finally fishable! The Holston and Clinch Rivers didn’t have any generation all weekend and are looking good for the next few days, which is just in time for some possible early caddis action. It’s a great time to spend spring break in East TN right now with low traffic and great fishing. If you’re coming into the area or thinking of some vacation ideas GIVE US A CALL, we’d be glad to show you around the streams. We’ll keep you posted on fishing conditions for the Smokies and tail waters the next few days so be sure to check back in. Take care and have a great day.

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