Top notch Smallmouth

The smallmouth waters are fishing great with plenty of fish willing to take topwater and streamers are always a good backup. Most of the smallies are off of the beds now and looking for an easy meal to attack. This is our favorite time of year when the smallmouth are fired up and very aggressive on topwater and fishing for them out of the drift boat puts it over the top. I got to take Glenn Allgood and Mike Tenbus out for a day on the water And they did great.


Check out the colors on that pig.

The weather has been great and it’s only going to get better through the weekend. They are talking about the heat being in the low 90’s for Saturday and Sunday and that is just fine with us, because it warms up the water temps and makes the fish more active.

We spotted this guy sitting out in the open and Glenn make a great cast and was hooked up.


The Dosser’s are great folks from Baton Rouge and love coming to the Smokies for Troutfest. They travel all over the country and do a lot of fishing. It seems like every time they come into town the weather turns south and the rivers are blown out. Here are some pictures of our last couple of trips together.


Pretty nasty stuff, but they are tough and hung in there.

I have wanted to put them on some smallies for a while, but it never seems to work out. We were going to take Lefty Kreh Fishing this past Monday, but a situation came up and he was unable to make it. Well, the Dosser’s were in town and wanted to do some fishing and since we were going to fish Monday anyways we decided to stick with the plan. We finally got them out on a mostly clear day  for some small jaw action.



Just a few good shots of the fish they caught.

Towards the end of the float the rain came down hard for a little while and we decided to pull out the rain gear and wait it out. We got to talking about the jackets they were wearing which were Simms G4 wading jackets and how nice they are and they said that the only time they ever need them is when they go fishing with me. You never can tell with this East TN weather, so always have the rain gear with you.

Take care and if you think you might want to try your hand at some smallmouth action give us a call and see what the fuss is all about. TN has some of the best smallmouth fishing in the world and it’s in our back yard.




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Smallmouth fishing with the one who started it all

One day last year, Byron and I were smallie fishing and Lefty’s name came up some how and Byron told me that Lefty loved to smallmouth fish. I thought, how cool would it be to take him floating for a day and get to see how it’s really done. Well, after talking some more with Byron and some of the folks on the Troutfest committee we came up with a great idea for the auction on Friday night. Since we were going to auction a float trip off anyway why not add Lefty into the mix.

Who wouldn’t want to fish with Lefty, he’s such a cool guy and we could learn more from him in one day than in a lifetime on our own. Well, Rufus and I sent out a few emails and Lefty was down for it. He said he would love to do it. That’s the type of guy that he really is. So Monday, May 21st, the day after Troutfest, we will be taking Lefty Kreh and the highest bidder fly fishing for smallies. What an awesome experience to float on our local waters for the hardest fighting fish on the planet with the man who basically made fly fishing popular and to this day, is still the biggest name in the  industry.

We will spend the day floating in a Hyde drift boat and all the gear, lunches and drinks will be included. The only thing you’ll have to bring is your since of humor. It will be a great day on the water and one we won’t ever forget. Thanks Lefty for donating your time and skills to Troutfest.

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