Happy delayed Easter fishing report.

Here we are on Easter Sunday already, how the fishing season is flying by. We’ve been busy fishing up in the Smokies, on the Clinch and Holston Rivers and chasing those river smallies all over. The good news is that the fishing is great everywhere and there are some very healthy fish roaming around. The cherry on top is that the weather is fantastic with temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s with low chances of precipitation. How could it get any better.

Smallmouth have been eating well over the last month or so bulking up on calories in preparation for the spawn and now the time has come for them to shine. These boys…..and girls look like fat footballs with linebacker shoulders and a bad attitude looking to hurt anything that comes by. We have been fishing a variety of streamers and crawdad patterns for the most part with the occasional popper when the moods strikes us but they aren’t very picky. TVA has also been giving us great schedules to work around on the tailwaters with minimum flows making it easy to plan trips. Along with the tailwaters we have the option to float the lowland freestone rivers as well which have also been fishing well. Some smallmouth are on the beds right now and others are not far behind so we’re covering a lot of water trying to target fish that aren’t on beds so we don’t bother their routine.


The tailwaters are fishing very well right now for trout as they should with good flows and plenty of bugs moving about. The Sulfurs on the clinch have been sparse but they will come off in numbers soon enough, until then midges and caddis are the main course . Midges and small nymphs have been producing well (surprise, surprise) on long leaders and long casts with a good drift. We’ve been seeing great caddis hatches just about every time we’ve been on the Holston and fish are getting heavy as a result. There are short windows of dry fly fishing during the day with explosive strikes on dries and plenty of action on nymphs when the hatches die off. The low flows and stable weather have been great for the upper Holston.





The fish in the Smokies are looking up as you would imagine they would in April with lots of bugs flying around all day. There are huge March browns, brown stoneflies, yellow sallies and even some early sulfurs and don’t forget about all the fun you can have fishing terrestrials. Water levels are perfect with some Spring showers here and there to keep the water where it needs to be so if you like fishing the mountains, now is the time to be there with your favorite rod and plenty of dries. If you don’t have your own gear than give us a call and we can supply you with everything.


We’ve been busy in March and April and that’s how we like it. There aren’t any days left in April and May only has a few days left open, but we do have a handful of professional guides that work with us that may be able to help out if needed. June, July and August are filling up for peak smallmouth season so if you interested in fishing with us then give us a shout and let us show you a good time on the water, especially if you want to chase one of the best fish in freshwater.

Fishing hasn’t been the only thing keeping us busy however. We have a new addition to our Family and his name is Luke. The Lord has blessed us so much and we’re very happy to be able to share it with everyone. Thank you for reading the fishing report and stay connected for more recent fishing reports. Have a blessed day.


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Wet or dry

July has been pretty typical lately for East TN with a mixed bag of weather ranging from mid 90’s and sunny to torrential downpours. That’s normal though for this area and we’re just used to it I guess; you have to be or else you’d be waiting for a long time for perfect conditions. Sometimes these sudden changes in weather can affect the fishing but usually not for long, then they’re back on the prowl.

The topwater bite has been strong some days but not every day, which has us fishing subsurface flies part of the time. I, as well as most people, love a good topwater bite but more importantly like catching fish. After getting the hang of fishing subsurface flies most folks seem to enjoy it, it can also produce some nice fish. Don’t get me wrong though I’m always looking for fish to take flies off the top.

DSCN1769  DSCN1777

Butch found that one he was looking for and Ricky wasn’t far behind.

DSCN1758  DSCN1793

Dan with a doozy.                                                 Doug’s first day fly fishing,

DSCN1809  DSCN1785

Mark’s hooked on brown fish                           Joel loves his topwater

We’re closing out July with some nice weather and looking forward to August which can be a great time to be out fishing. Hopefully the flows will be a little more stable along with some cooperating weather. Either way we’ll be out there looking to catch some fish and having a good time. If your in the Smoky Mountain area or the Knoxville area and would like to get out on the water, give us a call and we’ll arrange a trip for you. Take care and have a great day.

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It is finally feeling like Summer

We are starting to see more stable weather here in East TN and that means better flows for the rivers. TVA has started to shut off the rivers long enough for us to get a full day in just about everyday. With it being Summer and the air temp being in the mid 80’s and low 90’s there is a good chance to see a pop up shower here and there, so it’s always a good idea to bring the rain jacket.

With the warm weather and good flows the fishing has been great and the fish are very active. I had the opportunity to take out Gary and Dale for their first smallmouth float the other day and we had a great time. They got the hang of things pretty quickly.

SAM_0327     SAM_0331

By looking at their faces I think they like smallies on the fly. These guys were awesome.

We have also started offering overnight smallmouth float trips this season and we just finished up our first one yesterday. Dick came down from VA and wanted to try an overnight trip while chasing his favorite fish. We have several places to do an overnight trip but the Holston had a good release schedule so that’s where we headed. The trip  was off to a good start when Dick hooked up with a nice fish.



A 21 inch citation

Catching a fish like this is great and makes for awesome memories, but is a rarity and doesn’t happen everyday. Heading down river and picking up fish here and there, Dick hooks up with another good that we didn’t see for a while.



Another 21 in the boat.

The fact that Dick caught 1 citation was awesome, but 2 in one day was just phenomenal. After a full day on the water and baked from the sun we were ready to be back to camp, get some food in our bellies and get some sleep in preparation for the next day.

After getting some coffee and a big breakfast we were at it again and to my surprise Dick stuck another big fish and lost it. After being a little disappointed about losing a nice fish we kept our focus and shortly after were blessed with yet another pig.



This guy measured at 21.5

I was speechless and yet you could have heard us from a mile away. The fishing is great and the fish are feeding on a number of flies. We have noticed minnows getting chased on the banks, crawdads hiding in smallies throats and a good topwater bite through parts of the day which means the spawn should be completely over and the fish are bulking back up. You can choose from a great selection of smallmouth flies for the area from the guys at Little River Outfitters, they can set you up.



We have several connections on the rivers in our area to do these trips and have private access for a day of solitude.


If you think that an overnighter sounds like your cup of tea or simply just want to get out for a day on the water and learn more about smallmouth give us a call or email us and we would love to set you up with a trip and show you a good time. Thanks for checking in and have a blessed day.

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