June = topwater

With the passing of May, so goes dreams about pre and post-spawned smallmouth, but not to worry because there is something even better on the way. June comes equipped with long days and warm weather which means warmer water temps. This is really the start of active topwater feeding behaviors for smallmouth, aka POPPER SEASON!!! We have had several days this Spring during warm spells where we got some spotty love on topwater, but now we can expect more consistency.

SAM_0297  SAM_0300  SAM_0301

Glenn with 3 big boys, not a bad way to end May.

TVA has been running a lot of water on the Holston lately with very few windows of low water which makes it tough to float. The water temp is warm though and the fishing has been pretty good when the water is off. The French Broad has a somewhat better generation schedule but is still a little on the cold side. It’s not that the fish can’t be caught but it can take a little work at times. Now that it’s June and the weather is stable and warm we should see reliable flows on all our tailwaters and see fish coming to the surface.



Along with the main event (smallmouth) there are a variety of other fish that are a blast to catch that are willing to take a fly. One of which is the common carp and they’re everywhere in our rivers.



The Smokies have been on fire too with lots of Yellow Sallies and terrestrials on the water and around the banks. The key is to stay low and wear natural clothing to stay out of site. It’s a great time to be in East TN and we hope to show some of you around the waters. If you are in the Townsend area I highly suggest stopping in at Little River Outfitters and talking with the folks there about some fly selections and where to go. They are great. Have a great day.

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Just us fishing

Ethan and I got to fish Friday and enjoy the awesome weather in the drift boat. The fishing was pretty good and we got to try some new flies (streamers) that we have been working on. Just getting out and fishing with a good buddy was nice. Ethan is a great fisherman and can really row a boat. TVA has been generating water lately in all the rivers, which is why we have been floating a lot. Streamer fishing these rivers can be a very effective way to catch larger fish like these.


These were some really healthy rainbows that would test the breaking point of your rod.

The browns are starting to move around a little bit. They will usually start getting like that when they are getting ready for pre-spawn. We have seen a few pairing up in the rivers and they are getting aggressive. Now it is still pretty early for the spawn, but you might see a few running together which is cool to see.

This guy had a female around him, but he wasn’t colored up yet.

One more good fish to end the trip. It was a good day fishing with my buddy Ethan.

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