Sulphurs on the Clinch

In the past week we have had a bunch of rain and that has raised all the water levels in the area, it has been tough to find a place to fish. TVA shut off the water from 7am to 1pm today on the Clinch so Tyler and I headed there to see how the Sulphurs were doing and just like we thought, they were coming off. I tried to catch one and get a picture of it, but the wind was so strong it blew it off my hand every time. The fish were eating them on the surface here and there, but we caught our fish all on pheasanttails. We didn’t catch a single small fish today, all the fish were between 15 and 18 inches which is great to see. The Clinch is a great river with lots of big fish and they are probably the prettiest fish in any tailwater in Tennessee. We have also been floating the Clinch while they have been generating and fishing streamers and seeing really nice fish make swipes at flies but not hooking up.

The weather today was nice except for the wind, and all the trees are green on the mountain side. It is a beautiful time to be fishing and once the water levels start to get back to normal and the water temps get warmer I would say we will be hearing from folks wanting to go fishing. My dad  and I also floated the lower Little river this past week and the water temp had them screwed up. It went from low 60’s to low 50’s in one day. We had very few strikes all day and my dad is the smallmouth guru, he knows smallies, so that didn’t give me much confidence to mess with them until the water gets back into the 60’s. We did catch a smallmouth, kentucky and some big redeye though. It was just nice to get dad out and put him in his environment and the old man can still put a hurting on me with a rod.

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