Guided Trips


We will take you into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to fly fish for trout on some of the countries most beautiful and natural streams available. All trips taken through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina are provided under the terms of the National Park Service through a Commercial Use Authorization. The GSMNP has Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout which are all wild fish and the season is open year round to anglers.  We wade fish these streams and use light fly tackle because the average fish is 7 to 10 inches long and the waters are small. We also like to wear natural colors or even camo to stay hidden from these spooky fish. Along with fishing in the wild, especially the back country, don’t be surprised to get an occasional visit from some of the wildlife. Most of the places we fish have very easy access, but some don’t, so please let us know what kind of trip you are looking for.

The spring, fall and winter months are good times to focus on the lower streams in the park because the water temperatures are just right and at good levels most of the time.  During the summer months, going higher is not a bad idea where the water will be cooler and the fishing pressure will be down.  If you are looking to catch Brook Trout, then you will have to work for them because the majority of these fish live around 2,000 feet and higher.  These are everyone’s favorite to catch because they are beautiful fish and the only species of trout native to the Eastern United States.


Floating is a good way to fish the bigger rivers and cover a lot of water in a day, not to mention a good way to get away from the crowds.  These rivers are extremely peaceful and are a great way to see the beauty of Southern Appalachia and East TN.  We fish out of a Hyde Drift Boat and float a number of tailwaters in our area including the Clinch, Holston, South Holston, and Caney Fork Rivers.   This style of fishing is not as technical as you would experience in the National Park with more casting room and slower water.


These rivers have Rainbow, Brown, Brook Trout and Smallmouth Bass.  Floating these rivers can be a lot of fun when thick hatches are on the water which will have the trout rising, making sight fishing the main attraction. If the hatches aren’t great on some days, there are always plenty of bugs below the surface making nymph fishing the best way to go which can even produce some of the largest fish of the season.  Throwing dries and nymphs are our preferred way to fish mainly because both methods are very effective, exciting and easy for all skill levels but sometimes the need to change up tactics is a necessity and that’s when streamers come into play. Fishing with streamers is another extremely fun way to catch fish and is effective at times, plus it’s no secret that big fish eat small fish and draw aggressive strikes. If you want a peaceful and relaxing way to experience the world of fly fishing, then this is what you are looking for.


DSC02971 (1)Smallmouth bass are one of our favorite fish to catch on a fly rod because of their aggressive nature. They fight extremely hard and become acrobatic at times, not to mention they inhale their food with an attitude. We also use our Hyde Drift Boat for these trips along with our Rocky Mountain Raft for those hard to get to places with little access. The skill level needed for these fish is higher due to the larger gear that is used. We throw bigger, 6 to 8 weight rods with floating and sinking lines and big wind resistant/heavy flies. Smallmouth Bass tend to spend most of their time around structure, so accurate casts are necessary. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, our gear is setup for easy use and we’ll show you the proper techniques to get you comfortable.  Tennessee is about as far south as you’ll find smallmouth bass and for that reason they grow larger and faster than their northern cousins making for a long fishing season and larger fish. With all that said, they are a blast to catch and make for an unforgettable trip.


SAM_0344New as of 2013! We offer a two day overnight float trip for smallmouth. With so much good water in our area, we decided one day of fishing just wasn’t enough. Spring, summer and early fall will be the best time to take advantage of these trips due to ideal flows and warmer temps. This trip will include two full day float trips and a nights stay in a riverside cabin. All meals, drinks, gear, and flies/lures are included; all you need to do is show up. Please book well in advance to ensure availability and specify special dietary needs. If you love to camp and fish but hate the hassle that comes along with it, consider booking this fun two day experience with us.