A crazy couple of weeks

This last couple of weeks have been busy to say the least, but in a good way. I know the fishing report has suffered big time but now with everything done we can get back in the rhythm of things. The weather and the water flows haven’t been that great so it’s not like we had much to write about. Now don’t get me wrong there have been some good days here and there but we had to think outside the box. When we couldn’t get out to fish we still spent our time on the water but left the rods at home.

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The streams in the smokies have been really cold with temps getting down in the 30’s and that slows things down significantly. That’s why the tailwaters are the better choice in the winter with more consistent temps around 50. When the tailwaters are off the fishing can be good but it’s just finding a window to get out that can be a challenge. Midges are about the only bug you’ll see on the water, but those tiny bugs are what keep the fish active. You can’t go wrong with brown or olive but don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors if the same ole doesn’t produce. Who knows, you might find your new go to fly.

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A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to go on my first mission trip with Freedom International (itisforfreedom.com) in the Dominican Republic. These missionaries down in the Dominican are doing an incredible amount of work for the Lord teaching the Haitians how to read and write in the school that they built by hand. They also travel to the villages in the sugar cane fields speaking the Gospel through VBS to the families. These folks have left their lives back in the states to dedicate their time to the cause and are funded only through donations. If you would like to help out you can contact them through their website.

freedom 2  freedom

freedom team

The Freedom Team


After getting back from the Dominican we only had a couple of days to get things washed and ready to head back out for a family vacation to Mexico. It was nice to get away and not have an agenda for the week. The days pretty much consisted of playing by the pool with Danielle, walking down the beach and laying around.


One of the days I did manage to get with my guide Enrique for a day of bone fishing on the flats. Stalking bonefish on the flats can be frustrating sometimes but when you look at your surroundings and you remember that it’s in the 70’s and sunny you forget about everything else, especially when you hook up. We probably landed about 10 or 12 bonefish over the day and lost that many more. Enrique is a great guide and knows these flats better than anyone. I even told him that I’ve never caught a snook and he put me on my first one.

20150201_120918  20150201_150323

This saltwater stuff is addicting.

Now that we’re back home and things are back to normal, trips are booking up and everyone seems to be planning for spring early. I hope we have a good quill gordon hatch this year to start us off, that would be nice. It might be the best hatch of the year. Maybe it’s because it’s the first one or because they’re the biggest mayfly we have and they come off in good numbers. Either way we’re looking forward to it.

If you’re thinking of planning a trip to the Smokies this spring then give us a call and we’ll get a trip set up for you to get out on the water for one of these great hatches. We hope you have a blessed day and thanks for reading. Take care.



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Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a great time of year and probably my favorite because it’s the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior. The pressures of gift buying, family gatherings and traveling can get to you and a getaway for yourself is the best medicine. The weather channel is saying that we’re in store for some pretty decent weather for the next 5 days so it might be a good time to get out and fish.

The generation schedules on the Clinch and Holston are kind of hit or miss but if you can catch a good schedule and you have some time off, take advantage of it because you never know when you’ll see the water off again. The fishing has been good and there are some very nice fish willing to eat a whole variety of flies. Black flies have been thick at times along with midges and a few caddis fluttering around. The great thing is that the fish haven’t been hit too hard so fly selection isn’t as important. Your plain jane pheasant tails and zebra midges under an indicator or dry fly will work just fine.

DSCN1349  DSCN1347

Sometimes simplifying things can have big results.

The streams in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are something to consider as well. The water is cold and the fish are sluggish but that doesn’t mean they can’t be caught. Getting your flies deep (on the bottom) is a good start, but if that’s not enough start putting on shot until you see your indicator “tick” the bottom. Sure it’s not as fun as watching a fish sip a dry off the surface but at least you’re catching fish. As far as flies go hares ears, prince nymphs and caddis larvae imitations will do the trick. Stop by and talk with the guys at Little River Outfitters, they’ll get you squared away with what you need.


Jayson with a healthy rainbow that took a prince nymph.

Be careful while fishing in frigid temperatures, take some extra clothes along with you and don’t get too far from the car if you don’t have to. Also bring some hand warmers, you wouldn’t believe the moral boost it can be. I’ve fallen in way too many times and have learned this the hard way how miserable it can be. Have fun, be safe and have a very Merry Christmas.


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Catching a break in generation

It hasn’t been easy to find low water to fish around here lately especially on the tailwaters. If you’ve been checking the generation schedule everyday like we have then you probably have seen an occasional window here and there but not many. We’re seeing more breaks in the schedule with great flows for all day floating/wade fishing. I hate to jump the gun and set somebody up for a disappointment but if you have the option to get out then go because it will be worth the effort.

The Holston has fished pretty dang good on low water and the fish are happy and healthy. Stick with your standard flies like pheasant tails, hares ears and zebra midges because there’s really no need to go crazy with fly experimentation right now. Save those flies for when the fish have seen just about everything and start to get a little picky, sometimes going simple will put fish in the net.


Tyler with a chunk.

Our fishing season is 12 months long and can be down right fantastic fishing midges for bigger fish in the winter. With Christmas and New Years right around the corner there can be a lot of stress in the air and a day to yourself catching a few fish could be just the medicine you need. Do yourself a favor and get out on the water and experience some great fishing first hand. Heck, if you are new to the area, sport, or just want to see some different techniques, give us a call and we’ll get you out on the water. Don’t forget about our gift certificates for any trip for that outdoorsman in your family that can be hard to shop for. Just CONTACT US and we’ll take care of everything.

We hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and that things don’t get too stressful for you. When things get tough just remember what Christmas is all about. Take care and have a great day.


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