Long overdue report

So this has probably been the longest we’ve gone without writing a fishing report and we’re sorry for that. The reason we haven’t put any new info up is that we’ve been super busy and have spent almost everyday on the tailwaters or in the Smoky Mountains National Park. Fishing has been just shy of incredible and the weather has been just as good so folks are taking advantage of the awesome conditions before winter’s grip tightens up.

The Clinch River has been on fire for the last few months and with so many good memories it’s kind of a blur. There have been a few fish that will sip midges off the surface but the majority of the fish have been caught on streamers and nymphs. Flows have varied from light to heavy between roughly 1,000-5,500 cfs (cubic feet per second) which hasn’t affected the fishing at all. The trick is just getting the flies in front of the fish which can be tricky with higher water. The lake was starting to turn over the last time we were there and decided to wait it out before getting back on it, which shouldn’t take too long. Here are some of the great moments over the last month.

DSCN2087 DSCN2091 DSCN2090 DSCN2093  DSCN2108 DSCN2118DSCN2123 DSCN2120DSCN2101 DSCN2098DSCN2158 DSCN2157

DSCN2163 DSCN2167


The Smokies have also fished very well especially with nymphs, but believe it or not as warm as it’s been there have been some great days with dries. Don’t ever make the mistake of leaving the dry box at home because you think you won’t need it, because that’s the day every fish in the river will be rising (not really). As the cooler weather creeps in the water temps will drop and nymph fishing will be a must for more activity and adding a shot or two won’t hurt. Winter fishing in our area can be some of the best of the year because there’s no traffic whatsoever and you might be the only fisherman on the river. Just be sure to dress for the occasion.

DSCN2128  DSCN2130

DSCN2168  DSCN2142

DSCN2140  DSCN2141

Ashley surprised me for my birthday with the best gift ever, which was a trip to Islamorada with a couple of days fishing with my buddy Capt. Brian Helms. We chased giant bonefish on the flats and tarpon, snook and redfish in the Everglades which was a blast. If you have never been to the Keys make it a point to go.

20151129_171510  20151129_172458

20151129_125839    20151130_121934

20151201_132451  20151130_121406  20151201_154339  20151201_140342

Sorry for the late fishing report and I’ll try to stay on it with current info and conditions for you all. If you are thinking of a Smoky Mountain Christmas and want to get out for the day give us a call, we’d love to show you the area and what it has to offer. Take care and have a great day.

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Lots of color

The Clinch river has been fishing great with some really healthy fish to reward you for your efforts. TVA has been running some unusual flows during the week but not in a bad way. Fishing remains good regardless of the water being high or low but low water does require a bit of finesse at times. The only nuisance on high water has been the leaves that are picked up from the rising water and if that’s the only thing to worry about then we’re doing ok.

DSCN2067  DSCN2069

DSCN2063  DSCN2070

Glenn, Chuck and I always have a great time together and even catch a fish or two.

The fish are beautiful, the scenery is beautiful and the weather has been unbelievably nice. It seems like we haven’t seen a fall like this in a while, but we’ll take all we can get. Fishing the Smokies and the tailwaters will hopefully remain steady as long as we don’t get any crazy weather, but you never can tell around here so hope for the best but prepare for the worst. November will usually bring rain and it’s right around the corner so make sure not to leave the rain gear at home.

DSCN2052  DSCN2059


Rod and Bill are no longer beginners, great job guys.

We’re supposed to be getting some rain next week starting Monday which would be good for the streams in the Smokies and get them back to normal flow. If you’re in the Smoky Mountains or the surrounding Knoxville area and you would like to get out on the water then give us a call, we’d love to show you around. Also check out our Facebook page for other info. Take care and have a great day.



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Fall opportunities

It definitely feels like fall with mornings in the 40’s and the highs being around 70. There’s quite a bit of color on the trees and the fishing is fantastic, it’s the best time of year to be in East TN. We still have a bunch of options to choose from wether it be fishing in the smokies or one of our great trout rivers and the smallmouth bite is still great.

The tailwaters have been pretty spectacular as of lately with healthy/beatiful fish that show off a lot of gumption. The bite remains strong throughout the day with the chance for some exceptional fish along the way. The flows have varied from day to day but the fish don’t seem to mind and have no trouble settling right in. TVA has been running water for the majority of the day which allows us to float pretty much every sections of the river; how much water has determined where we’ve gone.

DSCN2037  DSCN2039

DSCN2040  DSCN2044

Sandy and Fields were in the zone.

It’s been great to see some water in the small streams of the Smokies for a change and the fish have been enjoying it as well. There are several decent hatches going on like the October Caddis, Blue Winged Olive and some small stoneflies. The dry fly action is better in the day but nymphs are much better in the morning. There’s some beautiful colors on the trees as well without too many leaves in the water. It’s been just short of perfect here in East TN.

DSCN2075  DSCN2077

Ken with some of the Smoky Mountain Gold.


Thomas picking apart the pockets.

As for those who can’t quite let the smallmouth bite end for the season you’re in luck. We’re still getting a decent topwater bite some days with mostly subsurface activity due to the cool nights. The smallmouth are bulking up before the cold weather sets for good, which gives us one last good run at them. It’s hard to watch our smallmouth season start to slip away but it doesn’t stay down for long.


Bruce with a brown slab.

If your coming to the Smokies or the surrounding Knoxville area then give us a call, we’d love to get you out on the water for some of the action. Thanks for checking in and hope to see you out there. Take care and have a blessed day.


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