About Us

Josh and Ashley Pfeiffer

546233_466883433333055_1053110975_nWe’re located in Maryville, TN on the border of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You can normally find us rock hopping the mountain streams or floating down one of the many local rivers in our free time. The outdoors have always been a big part of lives here in the South, especially fly fishing, which we’ve been doing since the early 1990’s. We enjoy teaching others how to fly fish and introducing new techniques and ideas to those who like to learn.

Our Guides


DSC03166Josh Pfeiffer

Growing up in East TN my dad and I fished for bass and duck hunted every chance we got, but soon found ourselves pursuing fly fishing early on. After learning to fish the wild trout streams of the Smokies at the age of 10 I was consumed by the sport and couldn’t get enough. Spending all of my time and money driving to the mountains I soon realized that I needed to find a job that would keep me closer to the water. In 2007 I started guiding in the Smokies for a local lodge, keeping me as close to the water as I could possibly get. When 2009 came around I wanted to expand my surroundings and start my own guide service.

Buying my first drift boat, I put a new spin on an old habit and started guiding fly fishermen for smallmouth bass. Along with guiding anglers for the wild trout of the Smokies, I also enjoy chasing the larger trout on the tail waters and freestone streams.