Their first time but certainly not their last

The low water conditions that we’re experiencing right now are quickly raising the water temps and making the fish more and more active every day. Most of our rivers have also become very clear offering some great sight fishing opportunities while being able to watch the fish come to the fly from a distance. The low/clear water can also make the fish a little spooky during the heat of the day, but changing tactics have helped keep the lines tight.



Kelly’s first time with a fly rod and scored a citation (20+”). Way to go!

Some of the fish are still spawning so we’ve had to keep an eye out for couples on the beds and make sure not to disturb them. We noticed a fish struggling on the bottom the other day and after some finagling, managed to get the fish in the net and cut the line, which was wrapped around a rock, to set him free. Sometimes things happen but fishing heavier line in the spring can help this from happening.

We’ve been fishing more streamers than anything lately mainly due to the cloudless days we’ve had making fish nervous to come to the surface.  Though subsurface flies have produced better over all, the topwater bite is getting stronger everyday and when the situation arrises we take full advantage of it. Before too long (I’m guessing the end of May or the first of June) we’ll see that consistent topwater bite and all the fish will be concerned more with eating than spawning.


Joy has never fished for bass or used a fly rod and decided to cross both off her list at the same time.

June, July and August can be some of the best fishing of the year and even though some of our rivers get too warm for trout, the smallmouth love it and thrive during the summer. If you’re planning your summer vacation to East TN or the Great Smoky Mountain National Park then GIVE US A CALL, we’ve love to show you some of the great fishing opportunities our state has to offer. While your in town don’t forget about stopping into Little River Outfitters for any gear, flies and terminal tackle.

Thanks for reading the fishing report and don’t forget to check out our FACEBOOK page for more updates and fishing conditions. Have a great Mothers Day.

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