Breaking in the new ride.

September has arrived and the humid weather trend continues to hang around. The good thing is that the chances for rain are low but the cloud cover is great for the fishing. The generation schedules are decent with several options to choose from on multiple rivers. Despite the warm weather and humidity the fishing has been great and the fish have been aggressive.


We also got our new Hyde drift boat recently and think the new layout will be easier and more comfortable to fish out of than the old one. A couple of days of high water kept us from christening the new boat but after the water came back down it was game time. Glenn called me and had the itch for some smallies so he was the first to put a fresh coat of fish stink on the boat. It wasn’t but a few minutes into the float when Glenn hooked into a bruiser that started the day off right.


This one was in the top 5 best topwater strikes of all time.

We had a good topwater bite in the morning but as the sun got high the fish stayed closer the the bottom. During the heat of the day heavier streamers got more attention and kept the fish coming to the boat. Most folks don’t like throwing streamers because of the weight involved but the right rod and line can make it easier and fun to fish. Plus if your not willing to switch, the day could be a bust.

DSCN1236  DSCN1238


Glenn got to sight cast to his first carp on a fly.

The bite will continue for a while and September can be a great month due to the lack of traffic as long as you don’t mind a little heat. Give us a call if you would like to get out on the water and try your hand at this awesome fish. If you’re looking for some smallmouth flies or any other equipment give the guys at Little River Outfitters a call and they can set you up with all your fly fishing needs. Take care and have a blessed day.

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