Those brown bullies

Summer is creeping up on us and we’ve seen several days in the 90’s already, and it’s only June. Some might see this as a bad thing but not if your thinking about smallmouth. Warm weather equals aggressive fish and a good topwater bite which we’ve been looking forward to all spring. Though subsurface flies are getting most of the love the surface action is turning on and we’ve been taking advantage of it when we can. Some days the fish just aren’t looking up and a crawdad pattern fished along the bottom can’t be beat.

20140522_165201  20140522_171856   

Andy fished hard all day and was rewarded with a brute and another soon after.

Most of our rivers and streams in the area are low and we could really use some rain but I’ll take low water over flood stage like we had last year any day. TVA has given us reliable flows on a regular basis on just about all the tailwaters here in East TN which have kept the fish happy and in return have kept the fishermen happy. With these consistent flows the fish have settled into a stable pattern and are feeding on a variety of crawdads, baitfish and aquatic insects.


Greg’s first time smallmouth fishing and he’s already sight casting to them.

There’s a small chance of rain everyday for the next 5 days but not enough chance to worry about it. Something to watch out for while on the water though is heat exhaustion, so make sure to drink plenty of water and take breaks in the shade if needed. June is off to a good start and should only get better from here on out. If you want to tangle with some smallmouth then give us a call and we’ll get you on the water. Take care and have a great day.



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