Happy Memorial Day

Fishing in the Smokies has been great the past week with plenty of food floating on the surface and happy fish taking them with zero hesitation. At least that’s the case as long as you follow a few steps first. Wear dull colors to blend into the background, stay low to avoid being seen and most important of all….get a good drift. We’re behind on rain and could use a little to bump the rivers back up, but I’ll take low water over high water any day.


Jeff came over from middle TN to fish on Friday and wanted to fish something different that he hadn’t seen yet. He loves the smaller streams like the Middle and West Prong of the Little River but hasn’t spent much time on the East Prong, so that’s where we headed. We started fishing a dry dropper with a yellow stimulator and a bead head pheasant tail with most of the fish taking the dropper. Around 10:30 a short hatch of sulfurs came off which got the fish’s attention right away and with a quick fly switch Jeff got a nice surprise.


As we faded from morning into the afternoon the sulfurs dwindled off but the fish continued to take flies off the top. With less sulfurs on the water the fish seemed to ignore our imitation, but with yellow sallies all around we decided to switch back to the stimulator and the action was back on. Fishing in the Smokies means reading water and hitting the likely spots, but occasionally you see a good spot and you get that feeling that there ought to be a fish there. Well, Jeff laid his fly next to one of these likely spots when a stud rose to the occasion.


Jeff’s biggest fish in the Smokies and a handsome fish at that.

It was an awesome day with great company and to top it off the fishing wasn’t bad either, what more could you ask for. With Memorial Day here we like to remember the fallen soldiers who gave their lives for their country. We also want to remember the veterans who are still with us and the soldiers serving as we speak and what they are doing. Without them we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have today. Enjoy this Memorial Day with family and friends and be safe on the water. Make sure to stop by Little River Outfitters on your way to the Smokies for some flies and current updates on the streams. If you would like to set up a trip give us a call and we can work out the details. Take care and have a great day.

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