A long overdue report

It’s been non stop around here for the last few weeks and I know the fishing reports have suffered. I’ll try to do a better job about staying on top of the current conditions. At least there’s good news to report about the trout and smallmouth fishing here in East TN. As for the weather it’s been nice for the most part, with the occasional storm here and there giving us some much needed rain. Just about all of our rivers are a little low and could use some rain, but even with the low levels the fishing has been pretty good.

May is a great month for fishing in TN due to the combination of nice weather and great water temps and even with  low water the temps haven’t been too affected. Trout fishing has ben fantastic in the Smokies and on the Holston River and should continue to be for a while.  The hatches have been pretty good with the caddis still hatching on the Holston along with cahills and sulfurs. Some days the hatches aren’t great but nymphs have taken up the slack.

DSCN0931  DSCN0933

DSCN0952  DSCN0964

The Holston has been fishing well this spring.

As of the end of April we’ve been giving more attention to the natives of East TN, the smallmouth bass. These fish are awesome and fight like no other. As the water gets warmer these fish become aggressive and take bigger flies that imitate baitfish and crawdads. Their stomachs can be bottomless pits, often taking a fly before digesting the previous meal. These fish are pretty special to this area and to us with several top notch rivers to choose from within 45 minutes.

DSCN0941  dockedit



A fish that wears camo is a true predator.

The most entertaining way for folks to catch smallmouth on the fly is definitely throwing topwater. Noisy flies that make the fish mad enough to shoot to the surface and blow up can be very addictive. This is some of the most fun you can have on a fly rod and the time is now. Smallmouth are becoming one of the more popular species to target and this is a busy time of year. We have all the rods, gear and flies that you’ll need and plenty of places to go. If you are interested in a trip CONTACT US and we can save a day for you.

We also offer overnight float trips in the summer depending on water levels with lots of wading opportunities around camp. We run a package deal with food, gear and a riverside cabin along with 2 days of guided fly fishing.  These are a lot of fun for the fisherman that needs more than one day away from reality. We’re looking at a great season ahead and looking forward to every day on the water. Take care, have a great day and be safe out there.



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