Surface action heating up

There’s no doubt about it, spring definitely brings good fishing, a lot of which can be done with dry flies. We’ve been spending a good amount of time in the Smokies as well as the Holston River below Cherokee. Both are fishing great with almost perfect water levels and weather you just can’t beat….almost. We are getting a cold front passing through right now which will more than likely shut the fishing down for a day, but never say never.

After this front pushes through the fish will be hungry and everything will be back to normal. The hatches in the Smokies have consisted of tan caddis, march browns, brown stones and even a few yellow sallies here and there. Fishing an adams in a 16-12 is never a bad idea but an elk hair caddis in a size 16 is hard to beat. If you’re not drawing any strikes with dries a small nymph like a pheasant tail or hares ear this time of year will take care of that.



Big or small Karen doesn’t care how big they are as long as she tricks them into eating a dry.

Now that the water is back around 300 cfs, water is clear and the fish are a tad spooky. Wearing natural, dull colors can help you blend into the background and that is key to fishing the small streams in the Smokies.

Ashley and I were able to get Danielle out for her first trip to the Middle Prong this weekend. The Middle Prong is where I learned to fly fish with my dad showing me the ropes. It’s one of my favorite streams in the entire park so I figured Danielle would like it too. Ashley carried Danielle in a baby bjourn while I fished for about an hour and the fishing was great. Danielle also got to touch her first trout.



Gotta start them young.

The caddis action has really started to pick up in the last week. The fish are taking the adults when they’re present and some days are better than others, but the important thing is that it has started. Jules and I planned to float today but with the weather forecast calling for thunderstorms all day we decided to just wade. Fortunately the weather held off and the fishing was fantastic.


Jules with a fine specimen.

With the arrival of the caddis the action is only going to get better from here. Everybody likes throwing dries especially when they’re big enough to see from 20+ ft away. Add sight casting to rising fish and things can get a little crazy, but that’s how we like it. If you’re wanting to get on the water and see it for yourself GIVE US A CALL, everyone’s welcome in the boat. Take care and have a great day.



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