Happy Easter

We have been blessed with some incredible weather and fantastic fishing in the past couple of weeks. It’s a big difference from last year around this time when we were pretty much flooded all spring and summer. The wildflowers, dogwoods and red buds are blooming and there’s plenty of wildlife roaming through the woods. Yep, it’s definitely spring.

We’re seeing quite a few march browns hovering over the streams in the Smokies along with plenty of tan caddis and really early yellow sallies. There is a variety of bugs to choose from but the fish are being choosy. This time of year you’ll see big stonefly shucks on the back of rocks and trees but never see the adult.

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Fishermen have been enjoying the dry fly fishing in the Smokies and on the local tailwaters, of course who wouldn’t after a long winter of nymphing deeper runs. Here’s Alex Grano, he’s only 12 and can already trick the fish in the Smokies to take his fly.


The only way to describe the fishing on the tailwaters is fantastic. With the arrival of the caddis hatch the fish are feeding heavily on nymphs and dries and are as happy and healthy as could possibly be. TVA has given us great schedules to float and wade on, which also keeps the fish and bugs on a consistent schedule. Nymph fishing has been the best producer in the mornings but as the sun gets overhead there are plenty of chances to sight fish to risers taking the adults.


We live in a beautiful area and are spoiled sometimes with all that goes on. The Lord has blessed our area and us so much and we love to give thanks to Him for the ultimate sacrifice that He gave us so we can enjoy all that God created. We hope you have a very happy Easter and enjoy the day with family and friends. Take care and have a great day.



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