Happy and hearty fish

We’ve spent the last few days on the Holston River below Cherokee Dam and fishing has been top notch. The release schedules have been great, the caddis are hatching and the fish are feeding……hard. We usually see several hatches in the spring whether it’s in the Smokies or on the tailwaters and the caddis hatch on the Holston is up there at the top of the list.

Dan came down from New York last week and had some time to get out and fish. He wanted to try to work on nymphing tactics and maybe a little dry fly action. This was his first time fishing in TN and his first time in a drift boat, which if you’ve never done it before takes some getting used to. Dan was a quick learner and before he knew it, he was hooking up with fish.

20140417_110527  20140417_110930

Off to a good start with a whopper

The action has been pretty consistent throughout the day but mainly on nymphs with an occasional fish willing to take a dry. With the low, clear water the fish can be shy and light tippet combined with longer casts have helped with spooking fish. Hefty fish like these on light tippet can be a lot of fun, but the fight can take a while.

20140417_142825-2  20140417_130334

Dan turned the cup holder into a chip bowl so he wouldn’t have to quit fishing.

As the sun got over head the hatches started slacking off pretty much wiping out the dry fly fishing. Since Dan was here to learn how to fish nymphs he wasn’t bothered by it too much. After catching several nice fish we pretty much thought that we had reached the bottom of the blessings jar, which we were happy with at this point.

20140417_145901  20140417_183734

Dan’s biggest rainbow to date and a nice one to end the day on.

The 10 day forecast looks pretty good with some chances for rain during the first part of next week, but that’s pretty normal for this time of year. Since we’re on the front end of the caddis hatch the dry fly fishing should get better through the end of the month and the weather along with it.

If you’re like us and itching for smallmouth season to get started, you don’t have long to wait because the rivers are almost ready and the fish are getting active. If you would like to book a trip and get in on some of the action then GIVE US A CALL and we can get you out on the water. Take care and have a great day.



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