Dry flies all around

So for the last few weeks we’ve been slacking on the fishing reports and we apologize for that but it’s been busy around here with a short vacation thrown in. At least while we were gone Jules was holding down the fort and keeping a close watch on on the rivers and fishing conditions. Now that were back from vacation things are back to normal and we’re loving it.

Lets start off talking about the Smokies. The water was high for a few days early in the week but is now back down to a good level for fishing. The water temp has also been great, hovering in the low to mid 50’s throughout the day. The bugs have been moving around and hatching pretty much all through the day with the best dry fly action from late morning until dark. Now don’t take that the wrong way, we’re not talking about prolific hatches but enough to keep the fish eating dries all day. Most of what were seeing are tan caddis, brown stones, quill gordons, march browns and even some really early yellow sallies.


Not what you expect to see in early April.

Staying low and wearing dull colors are good when sneaking up on fish, top that with a #16 parachute adams and you can’t go wrong. We’ve been in the Smokies the last couple of days and have fished several different flies and the adams was definitely the top choice.


Michael with a hefty bow that smashed an adams.

The Holston River has been fishing very well the last month with perfect flows and supercharged fish. Fishing small midges and pheasant tails has been a pretty regular affair but that’s all changed with the arrival of the caddis. The annual caddis hatch has started but in small spurts. Fish are taking flies underneath but there has been some surface action in the afternoons. The weather and fishing have been great and we could be in line for one heck of a season.

20140408_124537  20140408_133437

Day 1 with the Haynes started with a bang.

20140408_162255 20140409_134700


Day 2 wasn’t too bad either.

The fishing on the Holston in the spring can be hard to beat especially when there’s dry flies thrown in the mix. The flows have been steady allowing fishermen to float and wade on a regular basis. After last year it’s nice to be able to rely on stable flows. If you’re looking to get on the water GIVE US A CALL, we’d be glad to have you in the boat.

The smallmouth fishing has started to pick up as well with fat females moving closer to their spawning territories and males following right behind them. Fishing for them this time of year isn’t easy. The flies are heavy and throwing them with bigger rods can be tricky but the rewards can be worth it.



It feels good to feel one on the end of the line after a looooong winter.

Ashley, Danielle and I took a little vacation to Mexico for a few days last week. The initial reason was to attend Ashley’s sister Amanda’s wedding which might have been one of the best weddings ever. We figured while we were there we would spend a few more days down there and hang out with the family.



My girls all dolled up on the beach.

We took a catamaran ride one day, spent some time on the beach and relaxed by the pools with a Pina Colada. You could say we enjoyed ourselves a bit. Sunday was our last day there and I decided to get a guide in Cozumel to see about the bonefish situation. My guide Ivan was fantastic and has eyes like a hawk to see those spooky bones before they see us.



Here’s Ivan with a spinning rod looking for crocodiles. But he said not to worry.

Bonefishing isn’t easy but is very exciting, especially when you hook up. Anytime you can sight fish to anything your nerves run high, but add high wind and spooky fish and you’re at a whole other level. Getting a good guide can make or break the day and I can say that Ivan was a good guide with good gear.


Fly fishing the salt is highly addictive…..you’ve been warned.

If you’re in Cozumel and looking for a guide give Ivan a call. He can put you on the bones and some nice ones at that. His number is 045-987-119-3879 and his email address is charolitocatzin28@gmail.com. I know I’m looking forward to going back. Take care and have a great day.


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