Back to them ole brown fish

There’s not much right now that would take our attention away from the caddis hatching and the great trout fishing we’ve been experiencing for the last month. I know it’s hard to imagine that fishing could get any better than it’s been, but then again most probably aren’t thinking about smallmouth. Our smallmouth season in underway and even though we’ve had low water (but not anymore) the fish are getting active and we’re seeing good signs leading towards a great season.

We had our first smallmouth trip last week and I’ve got to say, it felt good to have the big rods back in the boat throwing oversized flies. For those of you who haven’t fished for smallies, you can’t imagine what it’s like to feel a smallmouth grab a fly and then the weight of the fish. They’re great fighters and a lot of fun to target, not to mention they’re our state game fish. Its the equivalent of a cutthroat out west and word is getting out.


Tamara holding a slab that crushed her fly.

Daryl and Tamara came in from England for an annual charity motorcycle ride they put on every year to raise money for children’s needs. While they were in town they wanted to get in some fishing as they always try to fish everywhere they go. They’ve never caught a smallmouth before and all they wanted was just one, well….they got it. They were impressed with the fight and will be back to do it again.

Before too long we’ll start seeing fish come to the surface to eat poppers with gusto. Everything is in place for a good season and after last year we could use it. If you would like to get in on the action and see what the big deal is then GIVE US A CALL. Word has gotten out about this awesome fish and spots are starting to fill up for the late spring and summer so don’t miss out. Take care, have a great day and be safe on the water.


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