Everything is mixed up

Looking at last weeks weather forecast we didn’t get any good conditions like they called for. In fact this week some reports called for 1 to 3 inches of snow and others said 8 to 12. I know one thing, we got a lot of snow for the south, that’s for sure. Ashley measured the depth of the snow on the grill and it was just shy of 8″. Here we are preparing for the upcoming dry fly season in the Smokies with the arrival of the quill gordon and we get a blizzard (again we live in the south).

20140213_080556  20140213_091201

At least the dogs got something out of it.

These were taken this morning as the snow continued to fall, but has started to melt leaving behind small streams on the side on the road. We’ll be watching the river gauge pretty closely to see how much this will affect the rivers in our area but I’m betting the fishing will be done for a little while with high cold water from the snow melt.

Before the crazy weather hit us I managed to get on Little River on Monday to see what was going on. The water levels were good but it was still really cold. The first spot I stopped at I noticed a decent fish sitting in front of a rock feeding. I made 2 casts and the fish took.

DSCN0672  DSCN0677

Not a giant but it’s always fun to sight fish no matter the size.

The fishing was pretty good until about 2:00pm, that’s when the cold front pushed in, after that it was done. I’ve had my best success on small black stoneflies, small caddis larvae and attractor nymphs like a birds nest fished on the bottom of deeper pools with an indicator. This crazy weather around here has everything screwed up around here including the wildlife.


This Northern Ring-Necked Snake came out a little too early.

The weather channel is calling for some great weather this coming week up into the 60’s, so let’s hope they’re on target this time. If you are coming into the area soon to get in some early fishing than bring a parka, rain jacket and wet wading gear just to cover all the bases because you never know what’s coming around here. We’ll keep you posted on the latest conditions in the area so stay tuned and who knows, maybe those BIG GREY BUGS will come off before you know it.

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