Solitude in the Smokies

We had a float trip scheduled today for a couple of guys that just had to get out. I was hoping to get them on the Holston since it fished so well the other day but the generation wasn’t good for fishing and we had to reschedule. With the tailwaters being high I was curious on how the streams in the Smokies were fishing. The water levels are perfect and with this latest warm front that came in the water temp was around the mid 50’s and even though there wasn’t much hatching the fish were very active towards nymphs.



It never gets old looking at a wild trout from the Smokies.

Nymphs like pheasant tails, prince nymphs and hares ears in a size 14-18 will do the trick, but as the water temp fluctuates you might have to play around with split shot. Also wear natural clothing to blend in to your surroundings because the water is crystal clear. Most of the time in the colder months the fish will be on the bottom and “dragging” nymphs is necessary. With these extremely warm days and nights the fish will be happier and  looking to get full. This is all probably going to change with the weather getting cooler and rain on its way. If you can get out in the next couple of days then I would and enjoy every minute of it.

I really didn’t see anybody else other than a few locals fishing today and the tranquility would have been enough for me to have a good day. The fact that the fishing was great and I ran into a couple of buddies I hadn’t seen in a while was nice, but the icing on the cake was when we happened to  notice a larger fish sitting out in a run. I got into position and the fish ate on the 3rd cast.

DSCN0453  DSCN0458


A truly blessed outing

I usually seem to spend a lot of effort getting close enough to cast to a fish like this and then have it spook off. It’s usually a lot of work for very little payoff sight fishing to these guys. The fact that he ate the fly immediately didn’t seem right, but I wasn’t complaining.

One thing is for sure about this time of year, you can bet on having a lot of water to yourself in the Smokies and the fishing isn’t as slow as you might think depending on where you go. Even if the fishing is slow some days and your hands are freezing, it’s still better than sitting around the house. If you’re coming into town and want to get out and fish for a bit despite the weather, CONTACT US and we’ll be happy to take you to our favorite spots.

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