Lots of colors

The Fall is probably the prettiest time to be in the Smoky Mountains with the mountain sides covered in yellow, red and orange and a slight chill in the air. Big bucks are out during the rut and the occasional black bear can peak its head out from behind a tree. With all of these things going on what more could you ask for, right?



A small black bear crossed the river just above us.

Well how about the fishing? The blue winged olives have been getting the fish’s attention in the afternoons and if you keep a look out you’ll find some fish sipping them in the bubble lines and seams. With the mornings being cooler we’ve seen better results with prince nymphs, hares ears and small caddis larvae dredging the bottom. The water has been in the low 50’s in the park and that has the fish on the bottom.

DSCN0357  DSCN0352


Brandon pulled a couple of nice browns out of the Little River by getting flies down to the bottom.

This was Brandon’s first time trying his hand at fly fishing and when the water is low and clear it’s not so easy, but throw in the fact that there are leaves everywhere in the water and it can be down right tough. Brandon was very patient though and didn’t get discouraged when the flies got caught up in the leaves. His patience paid off with a couple of nice browns and his fair share of rainbows.

I have fished with Bob and Gail Dosser several times over the past few years and it’s always a fun trip and somewhat of an adventure with the weather. This time around we were hoping to get in a couple of float trips while they were in town but the flows on the tailwaters were terrible so we decided to fish the Smokies since the streams up there were fishing so well. Bob is a great fisherman and has fished all over the place, so needless to say he’s always up for a new challenge. Fishing the Smokies is a challenge in itself with fish that strike very fast and sit in hard to get places. Bob handled himself just fine the first couple of days but struck GOLD on day 3.

DSCN0397  DSCN0398


Right place at the right time.

This fish was all over the place when we first spotted it and finally stayed still long enough for Bob to make a few casts. Before you knew it the fish picked up the fly and Bob was all smiles. I guess it was a good thing we didn’t get to float today. Congratulations Bob on a great fish. November is a great time to be fishing in East TN whether you are in the mountains or floating the big rivers, the conditions are great and the fish are happy. If you would like to get out and fish, feel free to give us a call (CONTACT US) and we would love to get you on the water. Have a blessed day.

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