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It’s always neat to see a kid fishing or hunting or even just outside for that matter but one that wants to learn to fly fish, now that’s cool. Occasionally I get the opportunity to take a parent and youth fishing and it always ends with the kid loving it, mainly because they get to play in the water and skip a few rocks. Well Mark Sr. and Mark Jr. were interested in the ends and out of the sport. After a brief lesson on how to cast the rod with Jr. he was ready to hit the water.

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Now that’s a team

It didn’t take Jr. long to start catching fish and shortly after, Sr. decided to get in a couple of casts.

To start off with I helped Jr. with casting and keeping the slack out of the line. Then came the hard part of “setting the hook” which is hard for anybody in the Smokies due to the strikes being so fast. After a while Mark Jr. took over and did everything on his own, even landing his own fish. Did I mention that Jr. is 8 years old, the perfect age to get started in fly fishing. Great job guys and I’m sure there will be many more unforgettable memories down the road.



Plenty of bugs flying around

We’ve been able to get out and enjoy some time in the Smokies here and there for ourselves. It’s hard to pass up fishing in the park this time of year with all the dry fly fishing in the afternoons. We have been seeing great BWO hatches in the middle of the day with a decent hatch of Sulphurs later in the evenings. Even though we aren’t really seeing much action on the surface in the mornings the fish are taking nymphs like there’s no tomorrow. Plus you never know what is lying on the bottom.



It’s nice to be surprised with a nice fish while nymphing in the Smokies but don’t always expect it to happen.

This is the time of year when we all spend more time looking for larger fish with the spawn right around the corner. This can be your best shot at catching a great fish that is looking to stock up on bugs before the rut.


While noticing several fish rising this afternoon I switched from nymphs to a dry for a change of pace and then spotted this guy sitting out, I decided to switch back. After a few casts he took a Prince Nymph and soon after he was in my hands. We have been watching several nice fish lately that just ended up spooking with the low clear water, so it was nice to be able to hold one for a change. You never know what could happen while fishing the Smokies in the Fall. If you are thinking of coming into the area then don’t wait any longer; the fishing is great and we are just now seeing the good hatches, plus the leaves are beautiful. Give us a call (CONTACT US) and we would be glad to get you on the water.

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