A break in stride

I am sorry for the delay in posts as of lately especially with the closing of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park but we have been busy the past week. I decided that since my wife was pregnant and the due date for our daughter was the first of October that I wouldn’t take anymore trips until after the baby was born. Mainly because I didn’t want to be in the middle of a float or in the Smokies with zero cell service and have it be an inconvenience for the fisherman to have to stop the trip. Well wouldn’t you know it our daughter decided to come early and surprise everybody.


The past week has been awesome and I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with Danielle Mae and get some things done around the house. That being said we are heading into the busiest part of the year and we’ll be taking trips again starting this week. Unfortunately the Smokies have been closed due to the government shutdown which happens to be the big attraction in the Fall due to the stunning views of the leaves changing and the great fishing. So what is there to do if the National Park is closed?

Well our area is very unique in that we have several rivers full of trout and smallmouth to choose from. The Clinch River can be a great choice in the Fall with bigger browns moving around for the spawn and good hatches of caddis and midges. We got to get out yesterday and float the Clinch and it was pretty darn good early on but once the sun was over head and it got hot we didn’t see very many fish moving around. That will change as the weather gets cooler which we are expecting this week.



A beautiful brookie from the Clinch

The Holston River is another great option for both trout and smallmouth in the Fall with good size holdover rainbows and browns from the Spring. The caddis are there and dry fly fishing can still be pretty good at times, but nymphs are the main producer. The smallmouth are staying focused on baitfish and crawdads with the coming of the cool weather and will be so for a while. Also if we can get a good schedule, the French Broad River is one of our favorites to be on due to the warmer water that it has right now from TVA generating so often. The more they generate the less cool water comes out from the bottom of the dam which delays the end of the fishing season.



Mike is 6’2″ and made his fish look tiny.

If you are still thinking of coming to the Smokies area, there are plenty of campgrounds and hotels to stay in outside of the park and lots of fishing options to choose from. The lower portion of the Little River from Townsend down has been getting stocked by the state and the water is at a good temperature and level to fish it. If you are coming into town and want to get out, give us a call, we have plenty of options to choose from. Take care.


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