Stay in the shade

We thought we had gone through Summer without seeing the normal hot muggy days. Well, we were wrong, the past few days have been a reminder that it’s September. The good thing is that it shouldn’t last long since we’re almost half way through and October will be here before you know it with cool nights and mornings, not to mention the great hatches in the Smokies.

September is always a hot month and it’s normal to see fish get spooky and feed less than normal due to the warm, low water. This has not been the case the past week. The fish will definitely be in the shade or some sort of cover but because the water is cool and the flows are a little on the high side the fishing has continued to be fantastic.



Between fish going nuts for poppers and the Vols with a huge win, Dennis was having a good day.

SAM_0553  SAM_0555


Jules is another victim of a smallie addiction. 2 fish at 18″ on his first trip.

Minnow patterns have been working well in the early part of the day, but once the sun is out is has been all topwater for the rest of the day. The topwater bite should last well into October as long as we don’t see any extreme weather hit us out of nowhere.

The Smokies have fished a little different from the bigger rivers. The fish are feeding well and will be in the shade, but they can be very skittish at times due to low, clear water. Putting on a thin leader and smaller flies can help with that and wearing natural colors doesn’t hurt.

DSCN0214  DSCN0215


A couple of fish that took a terrestrial from a shady riffle.

Try an adams or a yellow stimulator in the morning as the fish won’t be spooky and ants, beetles and inch worms underneath trees for a “sip”. Before you know it you’ll need a light jacket in the morning and the water will have Isonychia’s and October Caddis hopping around. There is something to be said about getting to the river in the Fall and watching fish rise as the leaves are changing while sipping a cup of coffee. Take care and have a great day.

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