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TVA has been changing up the schedule recently with most rivers in the area being high for the biggest part of the day. The weekends still look good with recreational flows and the weather lately can’t be beat. With the last front that came through it left us with blue bird sky days and the fish are seeking shelter from the bright sun. This can be good because it will concentrate the fish to shade or structure, but on the other hand you may have to tuck the fly into a confined space for an added challenge. I personally think that adds to the fun of fly fishing when you earn the fish you are going for.

This is what we ran across yesterday while floating the Holston P. The fish were not in the usual ambush spots but the upside to things was that popping bugs were all that was needed to catch fish. Josh Callihan, who is a trout fanatic, can usually be found fishing the small streams of the Smokies gunning for spooky wild brookies or on the Clinch throwing tiny midges  for better than rainbows and browns. So naturally he wanted to expand his horizons and try something new.


Josh’s first on a fly and just a short distance from the put in.

The fishing got better and the fish got bigger as the day went on.


This guy came out of a shade line and “sipped” a popper.

As the day went on and the sun got higher the fish would stay close to shade and getting the fly in the feeding lane wasn’t always easy, but was key. When you put in the work and sacrifice and a few flies you can be rewarded for your efforts.


A nice 2 hander to end the day.


Hoppers did not even get a look for us this week. So we drowned nymphs against structure and picked up some slot fish. Another thing we did was hit the dam pool below Center Hill Dam, in the evening, to fish dries. Small Adams worked pretty well all by themselves. If the fish stopped hitting, just adding a small dropper would change fishing back catching. Small dries late in the evening is a good way to wind down and it is very entertaining.

The smallmouth fishing should be good well into fall, but who knows how much longer the topwater bite will last with the nights getting cooler. Now that the weather is cooling off in the Smokies and the fish seem to be happier we will start giving the streams in the mountains a little more focus. Fall is almost here and that means Football time, leaves changing and hatches like Slate Drakes,October Caddis and BWO’s. It’s probably everybody’s favorite time around here and we hope that you get to experience the fun as well. If you are thinking about doing a fishing trip while your in town then give us a ring and we would happy to get you on the water, CONTACT US. Take care and have an awesome day.

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