Everybody’s happy

The topwater action continues to be great for smallmouth here in East TN. Who could have seen this kind of Summer coming? The days are in the mid 80’s and the fishing is as good as it gets. TVA has been giving us pretty steady generation schedules daily which has the fish in a good mood and looking to gorge on anything moving. Most days have started a little overcast which is ideal for fishing flies on the surface. We have usually started off with poppers and weaned off them later in the day, but as of lately we have just kept them on. I mean why switch when you’re catching fish. So pretty much everybody is happy.

IMG955968 IMG950005

This was Jonathan and Scott’s first time throwing flies at smallmouth and they handled it just fine. Jonathan had a couple of heartbreakers throughout the day, but that’s part of it sometimes and it’s what makes you want it more the next time.

With a couple of cancellations last week we decided to fish ourselves since the gear and boat were loaded and ready to go. It was nice to be able to get out and throw some topwater for a couple of days since I had some new flies I wanted to try anyways. It was definitely nice to be in the front of the boat for a change.



A topwater eating machine

Theresa, Mike and the rest of the family finally got to come down and do a 2 boat float trip after having to reschedule 3 times due to bad weather. As soon as we put the boats in the water Theresa wasted no time catching a fish. The bite wasn’t non-stop in the morning, but had definitely picked up in the afternoon. It was a great trip and we had a blast, thanks to Jeff for helping out and lending us his services for the day.



The feeling of relief after a long wait.

If you are coming into the area and want to fish, feel free to give us a call and we would be glad to get you on the water. Thanks for visiting our site and we are also on Facebook where you can view quick updates. Have a blessed day.

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