Topwater, brown fish and Bald Eagles

August is almost here and we are starting to see a lot more breaks in the generation schedules for the local tailwaters . It’s not normal to see high water this late in the year, so it’s nice to see a break from it. The good thing is that the fishing has been great when the water is down and the fish are fat, healthy and supercharged. Due to the constant high water earlier this year the fish haven’t been able get out and feed, so when the water drops out they have been taking advantage of it and so have we.

The fish have been taking a wide variety of flies such as poppers, baitfish streamers and craw patterns throughout the day. The main thing to keep in mind is that they are hungry and if it gets in front of their face and presented right they will take it. Our favorite thing to throw is obviously poppers because of the take and the opportunity of sight fishing and believe me when I say we have been enjoying it.

SAM_0400  SAM_0394

Hot and muggy can be good for the bite.

Other times when the topwater bite hasn’t been the greatest and we have to switch up tactics to stripping streamers or hopping crawdads, it can produce. I know it’s not everyone’s favorite thing to do but sometimes the fish are pouting and aren’t looking up, so switching techniques can keep the fish coming to the boat.

SAM_0393  SAM_0395

Either size always puts up a big fight.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter what you do, the fishing is just silly and you have one of those days when the fish seem to jump in the boat.

SAM_0408  SAM_0403

The fishing has been great and the weather hasn’t been nice for the most part. You can bet on one thing though, if you plan on a trip to East TN in the Summer, it will most likely be hot with a chance of ending wet. However, it’s totally worth it and some sunscreen and a rain jacket will go a long way.

I have had some really good fishermen in the boat and watching them fish has been fun to watch, but there are other fishermen outside the boat that are even better at what they do and I thought it would be proper to give them credit.

SAM_0404  SAM_0405

We have noticed the growth in numbers of Bald Eagles on the rivers over the last few years and it really makes our day to see them work. If you are thinking of planning a trip this way and want to try your hand at smallmouth or trout please feel free to give us a call ( I think that August is going to be awesome and the flows should be more reliable for  floating/fishing. Take care and have a blessed day.

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