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So here we are in the middle of Summer with the smallmouth and trout feeding great and we have had a steady rain fall for the past couple of days keeping the rivers a bit on the high side and off color. It is pretty crazy that we have had so much rain lately, because the usual Summer trend is drought and hot water making the fish finicky at times. The fish definitely aren’t finicky right now and the fishing has been great when we have been able to get out.

The trout fishing in the Smokies has been consistent with dry flies and terrestrials every day we have been out. Yellow sallies and adams are always a good bet, but if there aren’t any bugs flying then switch to an ant or beetle. It has been working well for us. Fishing for brookies is a common thing to do in the Summer time because they live in higher streams where the water is cooler which is a win win for the fisherman. Sherry and Martha were thinking that when they came into town and wanted to see the native species up close.

SAM_0357     SAM_0358


Martha hooked and lost this nice brookie only to have it come back and eat again.

SAM_0361     SAM_0362

A nice rainbow jumped on the fly to end the trip on a good note.

The Holston River  below Cherokee Dam has been fishing great for trout and because of all the rain we have gotten there is a good amount of cool water to be released through the warmer months. There are still some caddis left flying around and the fish will still rise to a good presentation. We always try to tell people how powerful the trout are in the Holston but they just have to find out for themselves what we are talking about. Virginia and Mary Ann got to find out at the same time .

SAM_0365     SAM_0367


After releasing the fish they had to stop to take it all in for a minute.

The strikes were subtle at times and the fish didn’t hang on to the fly for long but they were hungry and with a little instruction these gals caught on quick and were sticking fish.

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Mary Ann (left) said she hasn’t had this much fun since her dog ate her brother.

This was a fun day and it didn’t hurt that the fish were cooperating. There are a lot of nice hold over fish and cool water that keeps them fired up. The fishing should be good throughout most of the summer and if the rain will let up, hopefully there will be more of these days to come.

With us living in the heart of smallmouth country we have a lot of water where these fish inhabit. The impressive thing about smallmouth is how aggressive they feed and how hard they fight. They eat a lot of different things from noisy popping bugs to big baitfish and the always popular crawdad. One thing a lot of folks always forget about are terrestrials. I know a lot of people that head out West to float rivers for the hopper hatches and pass up what they have at home. Little River Outfitters has a wide variety of terrestrials to choose from for trout and smallies.



We don’t have big numbers of hoppers like the West does and the fish don’t always go nuts for them, but if the situation is right and the hoppers are flying around this can be a lot of fun. Don’t expect many big fish to come up for these bugs since the effort/reward ratio doesn’t match up, but it sure is fun to watch these guys hit em. We love to show folks different ways to catch fish and anything on topwater makes people smile. If you are thinking of getting out after all this bad weather and want to go fish then give us a call and we will get you on the water. Take care and have a blessed day.

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