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Dealing with high water and heavy streamers has definitely been a regular occurrence this Spring but we are starting to see that dwindle away and the topwater bite becoming a lot more of a for sure thing. The past few trips we have noticed fish showing a lot more interest on the surface and with an attitude.

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Todd and Steve scored some good looking fish from a recent float down the Little River on poppers.

We had a smallmouth float on Saturday and I thought that I was going to have to break the bad news to the guys on Friday night about high/muddy water. The Holston was going to be shut off all day so it was all good news over the phone. The fishing was pretty good and the weather was hard to beat. Throw in the fact that Chris was taking his dad on a trip for Father’s Day and you have the ingredients for a fantastic day on the water.



It wasn’t a day for size, but we made up for it in numbers.

One thing you never do on a trip is have expectations and that is why I have several boxes of flies and baits. I have been on the water when the day of is completely different from the day before and it pays to be ready for anything. This rule applies especially to us that fish rivers where the water levels change constantly.



High water on the Pigeon River killed the topwater bite, but wasn’t going to ruin the day.

The fishing has been pretty good around East TN and should only get better from here. Water levels are stabilizing and the air temp is staying warm. I have a feeling that July is going to be good. Take care and have a great day.








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