The turbines slowing down.

All across East TN you have probably seen the rivers high or read plenty of reports that talk a lot about high/unfishable water at times. I know we put up a few reports with that being the topic, but that’s not the case anymore. I say this in hopes that the water stays down and we don’t get anymore crazy weather.

Now that TVA has started to cut way back on generation and the hills of the Smokies are finally draining out, we are seeing much better flows for fishing. The dry fly fishing in the park has been ridiculous with yellow sallies, sulfurs and light cahills. Even the last cold front that just came through our area didn’t affect the fish that much. Those rare days when the fish aren’t looking up we’ve  just dropped a nymph on the back of the dry and that seems to do the trick. Last week was a great time to be in the Smokies with very warm temps and lots of bugs hatching and I’m hoping that this week is identical. David Cummings came down from Kentucky and fished the park with me for a day and put on a show for a lack of words. When we get together it’s always a good time, the great fishing just put the cherry on top.


David is a heck of a fisherman and could have fun fishing in a mud puddle, just don’t mention UK sports to him.

The smallmouth fishing has been good and we can only expect it to get better from here on. With the generation letting up we are able to float the bigger rivers like the Holston and French Broad on a regular basis. As we finish up May and head into June I am excited to say that we have been getting a good topwater bite here and there and June should be exciting. Now I’m not saying that the topwater has been all day but at certain times they have produced and with the way the conditions have been this Spring we’ll take all we can get.


Tyler with a Holston pig with great stripes.

If you are thinking of heading towards East TN and looking for a fun day on the water than a smallmouth float trip is right up your alley. June brings warm temps and fish near the surface which equals aggressive feeding behaviors. This is what we have waited for all Spring and hope to get you in on some of the action. Even if you are a beginner and know nothing about fly fishing we have gear and techniques that will help you so you can have a good time on the water. While your in town you should check out our local shop Little River Outfitters in Townsend, just a short drive from Maryville. They can set you up with just about everything except the kitchen sink and they are great folks to talk to.

We do have some days left available in June if you are interested in learning this awesome sport. We hope everybody has a great Memorial Day and gets to spend it with family and friends. Take care and have a blessed day.


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