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The Smallmouth fishing in East TN has been great and the fish are fat, healthy and full of fight. Streamers are the main focus due to the fish being in spawning mode, they aren’t really wanting to come to the surface and get to far away from the nesting areas but will still eat the subsurface flies with aggression. They can’t afford to pass up meals. A good searching pattern is a clouser minnow in different variations of bait fish and craw colors because they can be fished deep or shallow.

Yesterday Glenn and Bob put a “hurtin” on the smallmouth.



Glenn with a citation that crushed a streamer. Congratulations Glenn.

Even though the streamers will put more fish in the boat it is nice to get a few on topwater here and there. I mean lets face it who doesn’t like to see fish eat a popper. The Smallmouth season has just gotten started and the fishing is already great. I was  skeptical about the early bite this year due to all the bad weather and high water, but it’s shaping up to be a good one.



The  Holston has been fishing great too with plenty of caddis hatching throughout the day, but the fish aren’t really keying in on the adults until later in the afternoon when the sun is high. When the fish aren’t busting the adults, Caddis pupa and small pheasant tails will do the trick.

Bill and Sheila wanted to celebrate 46 great years of marriage by doing a float trip on the Holston River. The fishing was good and the company was even better. Bill works at Little River Outfitters and Sheila worked there for a long time until she retired. They are both great people and LOVE to Fly Fish.

SAM_0228     SAM_0229

Bill and Sheila throwing dries at sipping trout.

As for the Smokies, well there isn’t much to say other than expect the unexpected. The rivers and creeks in the Smokies have been high, low, hot and cold. The fishing can be good or bad depending on the day you go. Be prepared with dries and nymphs and don’t be surprised when you find yourself changing flies every hour. I would probably start with heavy nymphs dragging the bottom and go from there, that usually works for us. We are expecting rain for the next few days and colder temps on top of that. Hopefully by the middle of this month everything will be back to normal. Take care and have a great day.

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