Getting a late start

Our tailwaters have been running high for a while, but are now having good generation schedules. The Holston is running at its recreational flow and the caddis are coming out. The fish should be fat and strong after all that high water. The Clinch still has a weird flow but is fishable and that is better than nothing. We will be spending a lot more time on the Holston, hopefully getting into some good dry fly fishing.

SAM_0145     SAM_0150


Both rain or shine the fish are still feeding.

The Smokies have been fishing good with Quill Gordons and Brown Stoneflies with sightings of March Browns. The hatches don’t last long but when the bugs come off the fishing is on fire. The drawn out cold snap that fell into the valley was followed by a wave of moderately warms days which resulted in a drastic change in water temp and more rain. Little River is running high now but should fall out in a few days and the fishing should get back to normal.

The river can spike quickly but usually comes downs just as fast.

Hopefully April will be a dry-ish month and we will be able to see consistent hatches and lots more dry fly fishing. Don’t forget to stop by and see the gang over they can set you up with all you need to fish the area and them some. We hope to be able to show some of you around our beautiful area this Spring and enjoy a day on the water. Take care and have an awesome day.


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