March Madness


When people hear the term March Madness they think of basketball but around here it means bugs hatching, trout rising, pre-spawn smallmouth and the end of cabin fever……..and basketball too. The weather man says it’s going to be good this week with temperatures in the mid to upper 60’s and NO freezing temps. The water is falling out which makes the streams in the Smokies and the bigger rivers fishable. We have been spending some time on the lower Little River searching for bigger smallies for Spring and we have found a few.



These fish will be feeding for a little while on their way to the areas where they will build their nests.


The fishing in the mountain streams have been pretty good if you decide to fish later in the day. There is no need to start early, even the bugs have even decided to start sleeping in. Where you fish will also decide what kind of day you will have. We have been fishing smaller streams lately which don’t seem to have any snow runoff and that has been a huge help.

SAM_0105     SAM_0113


The size of fish in these streams is smaller than the bigger section of the Little River, but the number have been better and there has been more action.


We got to see and fish some really good hatches of Quill Gordons this past week, but they didn’t last very long maybe 1 to 2 hours at a time. That is better than no bugs hatching if you ask me and especially after that last cold snap we had, we’ll take it.


The Holston River looked good for a couple of days but they are now running some water again. I would say that everything should be back to normal after next week and we will definitely be out there looking to fish dries during  the caddis hatch. We hope that you can get out and fish and hopefully get in on some of the Spring hatches. Take care and have an awesome day.



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