I think Spring finally made up it’s mind.

We had one last cold spell here in East TN and it was a doozy. The higher elevations got plenty of snow and we had some freezing temperatures for a few days, not to mention the roads leading into the park were shut down. It’s starting to look a lot more like Spring if you are looking at the 10 day forecast on the Weather Channel. They are calling for high 50’s to mid 60’s and we are thankful for it, oh and the roads are back open.

Today was a nice little teaser of what’s to come next week. The weather was warm outside and for about 3 hours the Blue Quills and Stoneflies were hatching on the Little River. Now the fish didn’t necessarily eat the fly at first drift but they would after several casts. I kept noticing Blue Quills going into the shaded bank, but not coming back out.


This little beauty was the culprit.

The water is still a bit on the high side, but should be perfect in the next couple of days as long as we don’t get anymore massive rains. If you struggle sometimes with gauging how high the water is and don’t really know when it’s “just right” here’s a good indication that’s it’s still too high.



These guys are a lot of fun to watch when you can’t fish.

On a serious note though, we usually don’t fish the park unless the water is at or below 2.5 ft or around 400 cfs (cubic feet per second). You can see an accurate table of the Little River on this site.

Smallmouth season is approaching too and the females are fattening up for the spawn. I took the raft out yesterday and messed around the lower Little River for a short while and caught a few.


These fish have been chowing down and getting ready for Spring, FOOTBALLS!

The water was a little higher yesterday and the temp was around 40 degrees which is cold no matter what you are fishing for, especially smallmouth. Our smallmouth fishing starts pretty early here in the Southeast because of our unusually warm Springs. The spawn is not too far off and the fish are pretty aggressive before and after. All in all it is a pretty good time to be in East TN and do some fishing. We are very blessed to be able to live in a great area and we love to spread the wealth. Take care and have an awesome day.

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