Dreaming about warm weather.

Dry fly fishing in the Smoky Mountains has been pretty good. As of lately the bugs haven’t started coming off until around 1:00pm and the first to come off have been the Blue Quills followed by the Quill Gordons shortly after. The big bug (Quill Gordon) doesn’t come off in numbers like the Blue Quill, but when they start hatching the fish have been keying in on them. The brown stoneflies are always around and giving the fish a steady meal through out the day.



This guy slammed a stonefly

Those who came to town at the beginning of March last year to fish didn’t get to see the first of Spring hatches. Due to an extremely warm February the bugs started early and ended around the start of the season. This year is looking good for the fisherman though and the hatches have been delayed from the cold snaps we keep getting. Looking at the 10 day forecast, the middle of next week is looking good for our area and they are calling for a lot more sunshine and warmer days.

The tailwaters are looking good for the next few days and probably for a while. TVA has cut down on the generation on some of our local rivers. Cherokee Dam (Holston River) has a long window in the afternoons for wade fishing depending on where you go, but not good for floating. Norris Dam (Clinch River) has good schedules for floating during the morning and wading opportunities in the afternoon. Today was the first day that TVA cut back to 1 generator and we braved the bad weather and tried throwing some streamers……. success!



Jayson’s first fish of the day. Congrats bud.

We are also planning for the coming smallmouth season by filling up our streamer and popper boxes. We also  got a new knee brace for the raft and plan on using it more this year on some areas where the water is rougher and the raft is needed.


More room, more comfortable = better time on the water

Don’t forget about the overnight smallmouth floats this year. We have provided everything for this trip except for any personal items you might need. Cabin on the water, 2 days of guided fishing and plenty of memories. Call for availability, pricing and for the number of folks wanting to fish. Please book well in advance to give us time to set up camp. Take care and don’t forget to look us up on Facebook for quick updates.






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