Getting ready for Spring

It has been a pretty mild Winter so far in East TN and though the weather is about to change again and get colder, our minds are already set on Spring. We have been busy tying flies (old and new) and stocking our boxes for Spring. The Quill Gordon hatch will be here before too long and dry fly season will be in full effect for the Smoky Mountains.


We have also been spending some time on the bigger rivers for smallmouth since  the start of December. Winter fishing can be dull at times for any species of fish, espcially smallmouth, but if you’re willing to put in the time and work for them it can pay off. Fishing a lot slower and downsizing your offerings can be a good start. There’s not a lot of food moving around this time of year and the fish can be very lethargic. A fish’s metabolism slows down quite a bit in cold weather and feeding isn’t as important as conserving energy, so the tricky part is knowing where the fish are and seeing the strike.

This guy felt like an ice cube, but check out the colors.

We also decided that a new item was needed for our float trips in 2013. The trolling motor just wasn’t cutting it enough through the flat water stretches so we decided to go a little bigger.

For those of you who have been with us before and know how slack the water can be in certain areas, you’ll be happy to know that we should cut that time in half  now. This means more time in the good water.

We are excited about this coming season and some of the new trips we will be offering (check out the guided trips page). We hope everybody has a great day and thanks for checking in on us. Feel free to call with any questions.

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