Cold temps call for the alternatives

With the cold weather set in and the rivers flowing high it makes us look at alternative routes when it comes to fly fishing. The water temps in the Smokies are very cold and that makes the fishing very slow. There are some good opportunities with warmer, sunnier days but here lately we aren’t seeing too many of those. We have been spending most of our time in the drift boat or raft on the Holston, Clinch and Little River.


Here are a couple of nice rainbows from recent floats.

Nymphs will catch fish throughout the day, but we have also gotten into the occasional hatch and at that point the fish will be looking up. It can be a nice treat to dry fly fish in January for decent sized trout.

If chasing bigger game is more your speed then streamer fishing in the winter can be rewarding. Keep in mind that streamer fishing can be humbling and requires a lot of casting with big flies, but it can bring out the big boys.

I got the chance to go fish for some Musky over the weekend with David Perry and his friend Anthony. We had a few come to the boat and landed one. It takes a lot of work to catch these guys and if you’re willing to hang in there one might just come out and play. This kind of fishing isn’t for the faint of heart, but boy is it a rush to see one come after your fly.

Not a bad way to start the New Year.

If the weather gets nasty outside just remember that those fly boxes don’t get full by themselves. Those Quill Gordons and Blue Quills are just around the corner. We will be tying bass flies at Little River Outfitters this Saturday from 10:00am to 2:00pm, so come and hang out for a while and shoot the bull.

Also for those of you who love to smallmouth fish but one day just isn’t enough, we are going to be offering a new trip for 2013. Overnight smallmouth float trips in the Spring and Summer. The package consists of 2 guided float trips, all gear, food, flies/tackle, and sleeping arrangements will be taken care of. All you’ll need to bring is a change of clothes, rain gear and any special personal items. Fishing and relaxing will be all that’s required from you. If this sounds like your cup of tea give us a call at 865-719-0227.






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