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It has been a while since the last report and we are sorry, it’s just that October has been really busy and when I get a day off I usually like to be rippin lips. I am here now and the rain is starting to fall which we need badly. The next few days are going to be really cold and have some pretty nasty weather. Take a jacket or two and an extra set of close to change into in case you fall in, trust me it happens.


The Smokies have been fishing very well with dries and nymphs, but lets face it why throw anything else when they are eating on top. BWO’s are coming off just about everyday and we are seeing a good amount of Slate drakes, Sulphurs and October Caddis throughout the day too. The fish can be spooky with the low water, but that should change with the rain we are getting. Also the browns are spawning and we are seeing their redds everywhere, so be on the lookout for them and watch your step in the back of the runs.


The tailwaters aren’t having very good schedules or even consistent for that matter, but when they do the fish have been pretty active and feeding a good bit. The browns on those rivers are getting aggressive too and are spawning as well. This time of year is great for streamers and getting those aggressive fish to come to us. Fly wise the same ol’ stuff is still fishing good, beadheads and midges are always a good choice. Also while your fishing the Clinch keep your potatoes peeled for a good Black Caddis hatch. We have run into these hatches in the Fall and Winter and they are really good and get the fish all hot and bothered.



The Smallmouth fishing has been fantastic with plenty of fish still coming to the surface and hitting topwater, although with this cold front pushing in we will have to see how they feel in a few days. Keep plenty of baitfish patterns with you just in case, we have had days where we can’t get anything to come to the surface but the fish would maul a streamer right below the surface. The cooler water can get them on a big minnow bite and you want to be ready for that, because it is a lot of FUN. The smallmouth fishing won’t last for very much longer so if you still want to go you better get on it.

Fishing in East TN is good all around and will be like this for a little while. If you have the time to fish but can’t make up your mind there are plenty of options to choose from. We are very blessed to live in an area that is this beautiful and diverse. Sorry for the late report and thanks for reading with us.

6 years old, starting off right.



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