Nice weather and better flows = great time to be fishing.

With Tropical Storm Isaac swinging up from the Gulf we thought that the weather would have screwed things up a bit for the fishing. It actually didn’t get as bad we thought and the weather is pretty nice and the tailwaters are cutting back on the generation. The storm did leave the gulf coast torn up and lots of people without power, so continue to pray for those folks. August was a great month for fishing and September is looking to be the same. The topwater bite still continues to be good and finding shaded areas in the afternoons doesn’t hurt. Crawdad patterns are a good choice for subsurface flies if the fish are getting the tight-lipped disease on poppers. Also minnow patterns in the mornings can be a good way to start the day.

During the heat of the day the fish can get a little finicky and that calls for a more stealthy approach. Longer, thinner leaders and fishing flies slower can continue to draw strikes, but fishing the flies too slow will keep you hung up in the rocks. Finding that fine line can be tough but hang in there because it can pay off.

We also got to spend a few days in Pembroke, VA on the New River fishing for Smallmouth and Musky. We camped on the river and floated for 3 days. 10 minutes into the trip Chris yelled ” Musky” across the river. Keep in mind that he was fishing with a medium action rod and 8lb test line in a kayak. The fish finally had enough and we got it in the net.

Congratulations on the monster fish Chris.

We caught a ton of smallmouth in the 8 to 12 inch range with a few between 15 and 19 inches. On top of the great fishing, getting to run some big rapids was a lot of fun too.

We camped right on the river and got to wake up fish breaking on the surface.

Couldn’t have asked for better weather and really good flows. Since I was used to tailwaters and generation, having consistent flows was weird. Also the water temps were warmer than I imagined.

At one point, Will and Chris doubled up, but Will lost his fish while I was getting out the camera. We had a blast and I can see us making this an annual trip. If you are thinking of doing a trip on the New River, then go for it. It is a lot of fun and one of the prettiest places you will ever see. Check out Tangent Outfitters  or New River Outdoor Co. Both of these guide services will show you a good time.

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