Can’t believe Fall is here already

The mornings are cool enough to wear a jacket and the afternoons are in the 70’s. It is a great time to be fishing, not to mention the VOLS are playing football. Fishing in the park has been good and the tailwaters are getting better flows for floating. The browns are moving around for the spawn and the leaves have a slightly different color to them. We had a great couple of days on the Clinch last week with very little crowds. Scott and Don had a great day and enjoyed the scenery. As we approached the bottom ramp Scott got the surprise of the day when his line got tight.

Also while working with Robyn in the park on some nymphing, we spotted a nice fish sitting on the bottom of a run. A couple of cast later Robyn was holding an 18 inch brown. Her first fish ever on a fly rod. It is definitely that time of year and we love it. Also the smallmouth fishing is still good. A lot of folks forget how good the fishing can be for these guys in the fall as well. I guess they are thinking about the browns and the start of deer season.

We are still catching good numbers of fish and on topwater. It won’t last too much longer, so we are taking advantage of it while we still can. If you are having trouble getting the fish to come to the surface, then put on a smaller streamer and get it down a couple of feet, that should do the trick. The bigger fish will be towards the bottom.

For Chuck’s birthday his girlfriend Heather decided to surprise him with a smallmouth fly fishing trip and though he had not done much fly fishing, he did pretty well for himself and all on poppers.

J.J. and Bob also had good success with poppers, but later in the day found that streamers were the answer. If you have the time to fish then get out and wet a line because it is good everywhere. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and it is about to be at it’s peek. Thanks for reading and hope to see you out.

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