Slow and steady wins the race.

We are having some really nice weather here in East TN and the random summer shower here and there has kept the water levels up in all of our rivers which also makes them a little off color. Yep, the conditions couldn’t be any better. The smallmouth are very aggressive and feeding on a plethora of things, mainly baitfish and crawdads with the occasional terrestrial falling off the bank.

Here were a couple of nice fish from a float trip the other day. Both Rufus and Mike are on the board of TU, but have a soft spot for smallies.

In the heat of the summer when the water is usually clear and warm the fish can be a little fickle. If you are experiencing a day like this then change up your strategy. The fish will come up to eat something off the surface, but unless you have what they want it’s best to take the flies to them. Smallmouth have a reputation for being explosive and for the most part that’s right, but during the muggy August days, fish the flies slower and get them to the bottom.

My buddy Tim and I ran into a day like this yesterday and had to switch up our tactics a little.

Fishing for smallies is great right now especially when the weather is in the mid to high 80’s, which is crazy for August. If you aren’t jazzed about fishing this time of year because of the heat, then give these dudes a chance, it might change your way of thinking.




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