When you’re catching, who even notices the heat?

First off, sorry for the long overdue fishing report, it will be on the shorter side today, because I am writing it right before a trip. The fishing has been fantastic for smallmouth and was for trout until the water levels in the park dropped out, but a few more afternoon showers should take care of that. We are getting rain every night so that helps cool off the water and the air during the day, but this has us mainly focusing on smallmouth until the water levels in the park get better. TVA is running enough water to keep the fish and us happy with one hour pulses spread out through the day on the tailwaters.

The smallmouth have been very aggressive towards topwater/streamers and at times explosive would describe them best. Minnow patterns and crawdad patterns are both working well and fly choice doesn’t seem to matter that much. Your favorite popping bug, presented right will definitely put fish in the boat. There are 2 ways that a smallmouth will come up and eat a fly, first he will creep up behind it like a submarine and sip it in or second, race to the surface for it and hit it so hard he does a flip coming out of the water. Either way it gets your blood pumping and is very exciting. The fish are chunky and sometimes will puke up their last meal in the net and let you know exactly what they have been eating. The fish are very strong and the females are bulking back up from the spawn. If you want to fish but don’t feel like getting all the gear ready or putting it up, just call us and we will do it for you.

I will quit talking now and let the pictures take over and I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Be safe and try to stay cool out there.

Smoky Mountain trout





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