Just a weird day on the water.

Last year I got a call from Dick Rollins, who is from Virginia and he and his wife were staying in Gatlinburg and wanted to go fishing but didn’t care about catching trout. Well long story short we went smallmouth fishing, which is his favorite and had an epic day.

Some of the better fish Dick caught that day.

Well this year I got the call again and loaded up the boat and the big rods and away we went. Now when it comes to smallmouth, Dick knows his stuff and I think I learn as much from him as he does from me. We get our minds cranking and think of things we could put in flies to make them better, ways to fish the flies and so on. The only thing is that this year we had a couple of cool nights prior to the trip and the fish were acting kinda funky. We figured them out and after a little while and were in business.

The Fish right above this was caught on a popper and was the most vicious strike ever. Dick said it reminded him of a Musky strike.

It was just one of those weird days where something had the fish thrown off. The crazy thing is when that happens you usually will catch a bunch of little fish, but in this case almost every fish we caught was nice, not a bad problem to have. We even thought we had the new world record on for a short period of time. Dick noticed a dark shadow sitting on a flat and it was just deep enough that we couldn’t tell what it was. He threw a streamer at it and it took a swing at the fly and missed, then came back and got it. Dicks eyes got really big and after about 10 minutes it surfaced and we saw gold scales and starting laughing.

Dick’s first carp on a fly and it ate a baitfish pattern.

When Dick comes to town things get a little crazy and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If this seems like something you would want to do give us a call and we will get you set up. Take care and thanks for reading the fishing report and we hope you have an awesome day.


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