Plenty of water and colorful brookies.

We have had plenty of water lately, but not enough to stop the fishing. The yellow sallies are still coming off and terrestrials are working really good. The mornings have been a little cool and nymphs have produced more fish than dries. A small pheasanttail or hairs ear will do the trick.


Danny with a chunky bow from the Middle Prong.

Danny is a wildlife biologist from Auburn and works mainly with snakes, I learned a lot about rattlesnakes fishing with Danny. After lunch Danny and I decided to find some higher water to hike in and fish and possibly catch some brookies. Since he was coming into town for Troutfest I figured it would be nice for him to see what his donations go to.

Danny didn’t catch this guy, but did catch it’s twin and we dropped it in the water before we got a picture. Check out the colors.


Andy, Tom and Judy had a similar day in the park. Although the dry action wasn’t like we had hoped, it didn’t matter because fishing nymphs kept things interesting. This was Judy’s first time fishing the Smokies and he was a natural at it. Judy had drifted a nymph through a good looking run several times when he said “man that spot looks fishy”.

Judy’s spidey sense must have been tingling.

Just up river there was a good looking pool that’s kind of tough to get to, but Andy was willing to try it. He put his fly in the run and caught a small rainbow. His next cast went into the same run and the indicator shot the the bottom. When he set the hook we knew he had a good fish on.

Good job guys and look forward to the next trip.

Take care and thanks for reading our report. Be careful in the park and watch out for snakes.


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