What happened to Spring?

Well, a week ago we were looking at abnormally warm temps for Spring, but this week we are getting some really cold weather. Oh well, these are the things we deal with in the Spring time and it makes us better fishermen for it. Before the big jump in the weather, the fishing was great. In fact the topwater bite is already on for smallmouth. We have been floating and wading the local rivers with poppers and they are definitely producing.



It’s great to see fish coming completely out of the water to kill something they don’t even want to eat. We had several fish go after the flies so hard they turned flips. The best thing is that it’s just now April, so we have a long season of smallies ahead of us. We haven’t noticed any fish fanning out beds but the ladies are full of eggs and we are seeing a lot of buck bass around them. Buck bass are what we call smaller fish around 12 inches. That’s a pretty good sign of pre spawn activity.

This guy ate a streamer right at the boat. Look at the thickness.

Now the cold fronts have severely dropped the water temps in the freestone rivers and the service temps on the tailwaters. It is supposed to warm up towards the end of this week though, so give it a few days and the fishing should be back to normal. We have several smallie trips coming up and we are getting pumped. This is our favorite time of year, the beginning of smallmouth season.

I did catch a funny looking smallmouth the other day and after looking at the photo several times and talking with my dad, the smallmouth guru, I realized he had his back broken at one time and healed up just fine. That’s how bad these fish are, they aren’t going to let a broken back stop them from doing their thing.

We have noticed that the fish have wanted the fly a little slower than usual and could hang back and watch it for a while before devouring. We are planning to put up some more reports on the Smokies and tailwaters for trout this week. They have been fishing really good too with tons of bugs hatching and nice fish being caught. Thanks for checking out the report and hope it gets you fired up to get out on the water.

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