Plenty of hatches to fish.

In East TN right now our biggest problem is figuring out where to fish, because it’s all fishing great. The Yellow Sallies and Sulfurs up in the park are coming off every day and the fish are definitely keyed in on them. Any yellow pattern in a size 14 or 16 will do and you might want to drop a nymph behind it in the mornings. Staying hidden is the biggest thing when the sun gets over head, so where natural colors. Also be careful where you wade, because we have been seeing a lot of snakes.

Found this guy outside of my usual breakfast stop the other morning.

The tailwaters are having great hatches and there has been some serious dry fly action. The Caddis on the Holston have been fantastic with better than average fish coming to the surface for them. If you find them being finicky, you can always put on a nymph and clean up. The Sulfur hatch on the Clinch has been great and at times I would use the word thick. Some days the bugs will come off from mid morning to evening and other days you won’t see any until the afternoon. Either way, when they do come off you definitely want to have a dry fly on deck. The tailwater fish are generally pretty picky with dries, but the other day they would take a parachute.

This guy fell for a parachute.

Jayson Alexander can fly fish and has caught some nice trout in the park and on dries which is a big deal. He wanted to get into the smallmouth game a little more and since the Little River is his home water we thought it would be a good idea to float it. The river is still feeling the shock from last weeks cold fronts, but Jayson didn’t let that stop him from catching fish. The fishing was a little slow at times, but the size made up for the numbers.

Jayson with a pig that ate a popper.

The smallmouth are starting to spawn in the rivers which means it won’t be long until they are going to be looking for anything swimming or floating. We have been very blessed with awesome weather for the most part and we have been taking advantage of it.  If you are thinking about getting a trip set up to catch some of these guys or fishing one of the great hatches for trout give us a call and we can get you out on the water. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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